Shy Love – How To Overcome Shyness & Learn To Flirt Even If You Are Very Shy

Some people develop shy love also refers to as love shyness that prevent individuals from finding love and relationships they desire.  Introvert people are usually shy and timid, and never approach or talk to someone they find interesting.  Introverts can only hope potential mate become attracted to them and be the first to initiate conversation and talk to them.  Introverts are not only shy with meeting opposite sex but they are usually non-aggressive in their lifestyles.

Introverts take only what they can get and they never get to meet or have the relationships they desire because of self imposed limits that prevent them from meeting and talking to potential mate.  Introverts with shy love develop shyness from early age and may have experienced many failed attempts with meeting people in the past that causes them to become insecure.  Introverts also tend to develop approach anxiety just from the thought of meeting or talking to strangers.  

The good news is meeting people or talking to people are social skills just like any others skills that can be learn with lots of practice.  Just think of this for a second, most of us growing up are never taught how to communicate effectively with opposite sex when it comes to attracting them or finding potential mate.  We learned from our peers or from others who are not very well informed and don’t have proper knowledge when it comes to meeting and attracting opposite sex.

You also have to realized talking to and attracting women does not having anything to do with good look.  However good look does give you slight advantage over someone who is average looking but most women desire and are attracted to men who are confident.  There are many good looking men who develop shy love growing up and are very insecure because they don’t understand women and don’t know how to talk to women.   

Confident men know how to talk to women and attract them rather than talking nonsense that pushes them away.  Confident men know how to connect with women right away and know how to take control and lead women on a date.

If you are very social awkward or very nervous around women you need to relaxIf you meet someone you really like you just need to talk to her, get to know her, and ask her outThere is no other ways to do this and there is no special trick or techniques you can use to do this.  Meeting women is about being real and authentic with who you really are rather than being someone you are not.

You also need to stop being so nervous around women you like because you don’t know anything about her.  Most of the time you develop shy love in your head with the vision of a woman you create that you think you desire and wants to be with which makes you so nervous because you don’t want to screw up with her.  You don’t know what she is like as a person and you don’t know whether she has a good personality or she is just boring.

So if you are really shy just relax and when you meet someone you really like, make a quick observation about her (nothing sexual) then approach her with confident and talk to her based on your observation.  When she respond you need to listen very carefully about what she is saying so you can use what she says to take the conversation to the next level and this is how you connect with women.

This is Wygant method of talking to and attracting any women you want naturally regardless of good look or whether or not you have lots of money.  Wygant teaches you to let go of your past and to embrace your imperfection so that you can move forward with incredible success with women.    

No one is perfect and you have to embrace your imperfection because this is who you really are and there is nothing you can do to change that.  However, with Wygant teaching learning how to meet and talk to women is skills that can be learn with lots of practice and regardless of your shy love past you can become successful in dating and relationships only if you practice what you learn.  

David Wygant is a dating coach, relationship coach, and lifestyle coach helping millions of people worldwide with real-life success.

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