Peyronies Disease Causes Bent Penis & Painful Erection

Peyronies disease is a disorder that causes pain and bent penis during erection.  Peyronies is not a disease as the name suggest but a condition that can be caused by physical trauma or injury to the penis.  The disease Peyronies was name after the French surgeon François Gigot de la Peyronie who first documented the disorder in 1743.

What causes bent penis?

Penile curvature is caused by the formation of hardened scar tissue known as plaque that develops underneath the skin of the penis.  The plaque can be felt on the penis shaft as the lump begins to develop, but fortunately the lump is non-cancerous and only cause bent penis.

The scar tissue can develop anywhere underneath the penile skin causing erect penis to bent to the left, right, up, down, or indented.  The scar tissue causes bent penis only during erection and when flaccid the penis appear to be normal and straight.

What causes peyronies disease?

The cause of peyronies disease is unknown other than physical trauma or injury.  Peyronies cannot be transmitted through infections or sexual contact as it is not a disease but a condition that develop on penis due to physical trauma. 

However, some men are born with bent penis not associated with peyronies condition as the penile curvature is not very extreme and there is no pain during erection.  Men with normal penile curvature are able to achieve erection and engage in sexual intercourse with no problems.

Bent penis becomes problem for men when penile curvature is so extreme that it causes pain during erection and sexual intercourse.  Most men with peyronies condition are able to achieve erection and only some men affected with peyronies condition suffered from erectile dysfunction. 

Treatment for peyronies condition

The cause of the disease is not very well understood and there are number of treatments that have been used to treat peyronies condition such as oral medications, penile injections, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.  Most of the treatments used to treat peyronies condition are inconclusive because there are not enough data to substantiate such treatment works.

Most of the treatments mentioned above can be dangerous with high risk of complications.  However, there is one form of treatment that can treat peyronies condition with low risk of complication and is known as traction therapy.

According to the literature published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) article, selected cases of peyronies disease can benefit from the use of traction therapy.

Traction therapy can be use to straighten bent penis naturally with very low risk of complication.  Traction therapy involves the use of traction device that works by stretching the flaccid penis to correct penile curvature of erect penis. 

Traction therapy can help men with peyronies condition in two ways.  Traction therapy can help straighten bent penis naturally which help reduce painful erection and painful sexual intercourse.  Penis size appears longer when it is straighter.  Traction therapy can also be use to extend penis length.

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