Nosey Mother

By Bobby (Tasmania)

When I was young like most boys in their early teens I discovered the art of wanking myself off, I used to love getting my five inch cock hard at that stage I never had any pubes, well my mum used to have a habit of bursting through the bedroom door I don't think she ever heard about knocking first.

She caught me with my cock in my hand many times but I got sick of trying to pull the covers up in an attempt to hide what I was doing, so over time when I got a bit older I decided that if my mum caught me wanking again that I would shock her and keep going.

It wasn't long as this night I was rubbing my cock when the door opened and there was my mum standing there watching me wank, she said what are you doing so I said playing with myself to that she said I know I have caught you many times, still with my cock in my hand I continued rubbing it slowly as she watched it wasn't long and she was sitting on the edge of my bed rubbing my balls, well I had never felt so sexy in my life but loved what she was doing.

It didn't take long and she was stroking my cock and running her fingers through my precum, to my surprise she lifted her skirt removed her underpants and wiped my precum on her pussy, to my greater surprise she bent forward and took my cock in her mouth at the same time rubbing her pussy.

She stopped and asked if I would like to touch her she didn't have to ask twice and being the first time I had seen a girls pussy I put my finger inside her, she was rubbing her pussy while I was fingering her, she removed her clothes I was already naked and laid next to me in my bed, she then said do you like putting your finger in my pussy hole so I said yes I loved it, with that she started stoking my cock again and told me that I could put my cock in her pussy but I must never tell anyone what we had done.

With that she opened her legs I looked down and saw her almost hairless pussy wet and sweet smelling, she got me by the cock and guided it into her hole no sooner had I got it in and I was shooting hot cum into her she had me held by the backside pushing me close inside her a few seconds later and she arched her back let out a groaning sound and cum all over my cock, it was amazing I got off her and saw my cream running out of her pussy but by then I had started to get hard again so mum started feeling my cock again while she slid her fingers in and out of her wet pussy hole.

She showed me her clit and asked me to lick it so I did at the same time she started sucking my already slippery cum soaked cock, it was fantastic and in no time I was rock hard again she held me by the side of my head while I sucked her clit and after a few minutes asked me to put my cock back in her, I started sliding it in and out of her pussy and this time it took longer for me to come.

She was holding me by my bum cheeks while pushing me in and out of her, it didn't take long and she started moaning again I could sense that she was going to cum over my cock which turned me on like crazy so I let go of a cock full of hot cum at the same time as she creamed all over my penis.

Well that was the first time of many hot sex sessions I had with my mum I never worried about girlfriends until I was in my mid twenties why would I as I was getting the best sex I could ever get at home with mum.

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