My Sister

By Anonymous

My sister is married to her husband and when my sister came to stay with me on her own...

My sister looked pretty I mean perfect tits and body and my sister always dressed up sexy, knee length stockings boots short skirts...

Anyway me and my sister had a bottle of wine and by the time we got to the second glass I couldn’t take it anymore so I put Viagra and strong sleeping pills in my sisters wine glass.

My cock was 8"z hard dripping and ten minutes later my sister said she going to bed and got changed into a short black nightly (I could see my sister was wearing red gstrings) and my sister got into the spare bed which was a double and straight away fell asleep.

I walked into my sisters room took off my boxers shook my sister no response from my sister I put my cock inside my sisters mouth pounding in and out of my sisters mouth and cum deep inside her mouth.

My sperm was dripping out of my sisters mouth then I started licking my sisters gstrings and my sisters gspot, my sister was moaning cuming in her sleep I started licking my sisters tits and kissing her then my entire cock entered into her pussy 8"z deep and within 45 seconds my sperm filled my sisters Fanny.

I couldn’t stop, I carrying on FUKING my sister I cum and shot my sperm the second time deep inside her wet pussy, I turned my sister sideways and put my cock inside her tight ass pumping her ass and my sperm shot out of my sisters ass I FUKED her another two times then fell asleep next to my sister.

In the morning I woke and was shocked and confused and shouting at me then realised my sperm was inside her by this time I was on top of my sister, her legs was wide apart and I was pumping my sister hardcore finally kissing my sister and shot my sperm so deep inside my her Fanny.

She instantly said you made me pregnant, sweating and out of breath she layed on the bed and said what the fuk I’m gonna tell my husband I said nothing and kissing my sister I made her ride my cock.

My sister’s fanny was so loose by this time and soaking wet I couldn’t even feel her, anyway I blackmail my sister and said anytime now you are mine and yes my sister is pregnant.

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