My Obsession With My Mother's Body!

By Woody40 (Alabama)

Since I was around 12 or 13, I can remember being attracted to the female body. But, none like my own Mother..... (she had 36dd tits, and a thick waist... but such a mesmerizing fat, beautiful ass!

I used to watch her walk by... and would get such a throbbing boner! When I turned 18, one day, I was jerking off, and she walked in.... she said, "is this ass and pussy that you want?"

I said, "ohhhh fuck yeah!!... she took her panties off and told me to sniff them!

I did! She bent over and said eat mommy's asshole out... and unzip those pants, and let me see that cock!

Her face was in shock... all 8 inches... she jerked me off and then sat that fat ass on my lap, and guided my hard dick into her sloppy wet, whore pussy....she rode me until I put her in doggy style and wore her holes out... it lasted about 20 minutes and then I shot my enormous load all in her slutty mouth!

By Robert (Ontario Ca San Bernardino)

Raising my two twin nieces, my sister passed away and left me her two twin daughters at the time they were eight years old.

When their mother passed away I took care of them and my wife start having fights so she left me with my two niece.

I raised them until there were 18 years old that's when it all started my fantasy of having both of them at the same time.

Oh man I would jack off every time smelling their panties, play games with them in the shower, buy them nice sexy little underwear for my fantasy, they caught on and they encourage me on.

They would walk around the house and skipping in little outfits and say uncle do you like what you see, they would giggle because they would see my big hard on, Uncle we can help you with that.

Well, well, why don't you and they started peeling the clothes off coming towards me I thought I was seeing double which I was, I had double the pleasure, double the flow, oh man if this is heaven I love it.

I remembered when they used to play tricks on me saying which pussy was who. Sometimes I had a hard time trying to figure out which pussy belongs to who, but I just love the challenge and 99.9% of the time I got it right.

By this time they're getting ready to go to college and when they left, I was sad, I would jack off. We made movies, they would call me or talk dirty to me on the phone, they always came by for the holidays and we always have a good time. This was my first story hope you were playing with yourself.  

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