My New Favorite Turn On

By Anonymous

All people on earth know exactly how great it feels to just do what you want to make it better, when you get horny. Most wont admit it but we all love to be naughty, and sometimes it feels so good that you can't be naughty enough to satisfy your lust.

You are so horny that you do things you haven't done before. I was having one of those days that I would do just about anything to get my cock to feel the way I wanted it to feel.

There was none home except me and my sister. I loved to rub a pair of her panties on my hard dick while I fantasized about her watching while she pulled her top off and rubbed her shaved pussy. I wanted to touch her naked body and feel her hands on my cock.

I got a little more into my naughty thoughts than I intended. It felt so good to slide my hand slowly up and down my shaft that I wasn't about to stop now. Like I said it was one of those times that anything naughty is welcome.

As I laid back enjoying my cock with both hands, I suddenly heard my sister's voice saying....that is the hottest thing I have ever seen, I want to feel it!! I looked at her and noticed her hand was inside her pants rubbing her pussy. She had been watching for several minutes and finally couldn't hold herself back. She wanted my cock.

Her naked top looked even better than I thought it would. My hands glide over her firm fits and felt my cock get even harder as my lips and tongue went to work on her hard nipples. She slide down and rubbed her pussy on my hard cock as she squeezed her tits, and pulled at her nipples.

I had never wanted something as bad as the way I wanted her at that moment. I want to taste your pussy so bad that I would do anything you want. I've never been this turned on or this horny before. She said me either, as she suck the tip of my cock into her mouth.

I knew by the way she sucked on my cock that she had been wanting this just as much as I had. After she satisfied her craving to taste my cock she laid back spread her legs and told me to do whatever I wanted. To be as naughty as I wanted, her body was for me to enjoy.

I licked her pussy til she pulled my head up and ask if I liked what was going on. You wanna know the truth, I ask? I was fantasizing about fucking you when you caught me playing with my dick.

Dirty thoughts about you make me so horny that I would do anything you wanted if I could have your body. Anything? She said as she put my hand on my cock. Anything, I said. Let me watch you massage your hard cock. I slid my hands up and down the hard shaft of my cock as I watched her enjoy her own body.

She was so turned on that her legs were quivering. I laid her back on the bed and she slide my cock into her dripping wet pussy. You feel so fucking good inside me, fuck me like I'm your naughty little bitch.

I slide my cock in and out of her delicious pussy until my cum was about to blow inside her. I pulled my quivering cock out of her sweet pussy and watched as my warm cum covered her lips and mouth, she leaned up and kissed me hard making sure my cum was in my mouth as well as hers.

It was fucking unreal the way she made me feel. As we lay beside each other amazed at what had just taken place, I slid my hand slowly across her pussy up to her still hard nipples.

I've wanted to do that to you so long! Thinking about being naughty with you is what turns me on the most. I would do anything you want me to if I can have your pussy sliding up and down my rock hard cock when I get you nice and wet.

We were so tuned in on each other's naked bodies that we never seen our moms boyfriend leaned against the wall rubbing the huge bulge in his pants. He walked over to the edge of the bed and ask if we would like to help him rub his hard cock.

He looked at my dick and said, you really want to make her so horny her pussy will drop every time her heart beats? Wrap your fingers around my cock and show her how much you want to turn her on.

My sister was already fingering herself as her eyes were locked on the nasty things I was doing to a hard cock while she touched herself in ways she had never done before.

When I started sliding my hand up his rock solid cock it never crossed my mind that I would like the feeling I was getting. My cock started getting harder as I stroked his huge cock.

He said I really like the feel of your hand on my cock, feel it getting harder? I could feel his cock getting harder as I touched my own cock. I had never touched another cock before but doing it while my sister watched made me want to do more.

I rubbed the head of his throbbing cock with the head of my own cock, I want to feel your lips around my dick. He leaned forward and slipped my hot cock into his mouth. It felt awesome as his tongue made my dick throb.

My sister suddenly told me to let her see me use my mouth on his cock before she had to have my cock inside her pussy. I couldn't believe how it made me feel when I slid my lips down his solid shaft. I touched my own cock as I slid the tip of my tongue up his awesome cock.

She couldn't stand it any longer she pulled me down on top of her and shoved my dick into her delicious pussy. I turned my head just as he let his cum shot on my sisters tit. She immediately kicked it off and sucked her rock hard nipples as I plunged my cock in and out of her completely soaked with cum pussy.

Once she had completely drained the last drop of her sweet pussy juice she raised her head and said to me...we are gonna have a lot of naughty fun. You can fuck me anytime you want, anywhere you want, and I'll do anything you want.

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