My Blood Brother And I

By Corg (Ohio)

It was when I was about... 18 I think. I was coming home from school and started heading to my room to do homework. I saw my brother's door open so I wanted to stop in and say hey, so I walked to his door and stopped..

He was jerking off and I just watched.. He shot a load of cum near me and I hid when it happened. He heard me but just smirked. I came back and watched, but this time he was just laying on his bed, thrusting upwards..

I slowly came in without him noticing to watch him from his open closet.. But he saw me and said "Hey, like what you see?" I just stood there, frozen in fear. He was behind me, so he couldn't see that I was scared.

I heard him get off the bed but I didn't know what he was doing. I heard the door shut, then felt his hands grab my hips, and his cock poke my ass. I squirmed as he kept his hands on my hips, but moved his naked body closer to me.

I felt his 7 inch cock under my ass and close to my pussy. I just stood there, feeling his hard-on under me, and kind of getting turned on.. I felt him thrust and his cock touched the top of my pussy where my hairs were. I almost orgasmed.

Soon after, he layed his head on my shoulder and I watched as he took one hand in front of me and one hand behind me. I felt as he pushed my jeans down and then my panties.

He rubbed my asshole and my clit for a few moments, then stuck a finger inside my ass and pussy hole. I moaned as he stuck 2 fingers inside. He started pumping his fingers in and out of my ass and pussy. It felt so good.

I could barely say anything, so all that came out was "Ugnnhh.. st.. no.. ba.. " Then he said "You like daddy fingering your tight fucking pussy, you little slut? Huh? You like it you naughty girl? You like it?"

"ye.. don.. s.. da.." is all I could say, then he angled his cock to my asshole and to my surprise, starting fucking it hard and then slow, then stopping to lick it, then fucking it again, then stopping to lick his fingers and rub my pussy, then fucking again.

He did this over and over again when he finally stopped to bend me over doggy style and fuck my pussy. As I was a virgin, I was scared so he said "It's just like this," Then started fingering me really far up there, first slow, then fast.

Then he said "Ready?" So I said "Pillow.." And he gave me the pillow and said "Safety word is 'potato'" And without warning jammed his cock head in me. I moaned and climaxed as soon as it was in there, but he keep pushing in farther and farther, until his balls we're touching my pussy.

I felt his balls tense up and said "N-no, Jake.." "You know you want it you fucking slut! You came, now I need to cum too!" He said while trying to push it deeper. It hurt a lot but I did like it. "Ohhhhh fuck I'm so close Morgan.. Ohh Morgan.. " "ahh I'm about to cum too, Jake!"

We timed it perfectly so our cum would go at the same time. We succeeded, but he just kept pushing in, and pulling out. Tbh, the pull outs were the best part. We came a few times but everytime He, or I, came, Jake would suck it out of my pussy. I was lucky to have a brother like Jake.

After that, on every Friday - Sunday he would fuck me (because mom wasn't home on weekends). And everytime mom wasn't looking we'd flash each other when we were horny, and everytime we flash each other that's how many times we get to fuck.

Actually, tbh, we still fuck to this very day. He lives with me now. And I still enjoy his deep, horny thrusts. Anyways, that's my story!  

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