Moms The Best

By Tom (Kingfisher, USA)

Not much on writing but will do my best. At a very ripe age of 18 I got my first erection. Didn't knowing what was happening I ran to mom. She explained what was going on.

She said it was normal and would go down naturally, or I could masturbate to relieve it. Not knowing what masturbation was I ask what she meant, she told me to stroke it up and down with my hand.

Still not knowing what she meant and ask her to show me. Without hesitation she started jacking me off. I came pretty fast and she ask me if I liked it. This felt really good I said .

She told me to do that any time I needed and it would start happening more. She started the sex talk, we had a long discussion, I had many questions and she answered as best she could.

That night I got another erection in bed, I went to her bedroom to ask if I should jack off so soon, mom had me get in her bed and had me start, and told me she did this to herself, assured me it would be OK. I ask her how she did this because she had no penis.

Going back to the sex talk we had she raised her gown and started fingering her pussy for me to watch. Mom was getting into it.

Watching me stroke, mom stopped fingering and spread her legs wide told me to get between her legs, grabbed my dick, pulled me forward piercing my dick in her pussy told me to push it all the way inside.

This was the the start of our incest relationship which lasted over 40 years until she passed away in 1992.

I Love My Cousin To Death

I have always wanted to have sex with my cousin she is so sexy and gorgeous. The day she turned 18 I have always lusted for her and wanted to get her to have sex but I was never sure how to go about telling her without her telling her own parents.

I would always think of having sex with her. I would always go to a private room and jack off to a few pictures I took of her without her knowing it. I would use her pictures to jack off I would pretend she was riding on my cock .

I still hope and wish I could have sex with her. Is there anyone that has had sex with a cousin tell me how to go about doing so and help me and give me ideas. Also give me tips and hints that I can throw at her so she will pick up on the ideas and hints without any other family member catching on.

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