Loving Your Brother And Sister-In-Law

By Joe (N.O. LA)

After getting such a great blow job from my wife’s uncle Huey I finally got to talk to his brother and sister-in-law without my wife being around.

While having a drink I told them of giving and receiving blow job from wife’s uncle Huey. In addition to him fucking me in the ass the fact that he wanted to suck his big brother juicy dick and fuck sue pussy.

I filled them in on all that happened while at Huey’s home. Ask them if it was a problem with me tell Huey what we were doing and if they wanted to include uncle Huey in on all our sucking and fucking games.

Bob had not considered his brother would be interested in anything of this nature but said shit yes I would love to have him suck my load down his gut and see sue fuck my little brother ass off. Sue what do you think? Bob anything you want with anyone any time would be just fine with me.

Less chance of anyone finding out if we keep it in the family. When can the four of us get together? I do assume Joe you want to be part of it. Shit yes I cannot wait to suck and fuck three of my favorite family members. Who know maybe we can get Huey let one of us men fuck him in the ass.

Sue you call him and set it up tell him bob and you cannot wait to suck his cock together. Just let me know so I can arrange to get away from your daughter Mary to join the fun.

It was just a couple days later that bob called and said Huey coming to spend a week be sure to drop over and say hello. He will be getting here Monday. Licking my lips I replied I cannot wait to do that and much more.

The Monday seems to take forever to arrive but finally was here. Gave wife Mary $100 and told her to take a day off and buy something she wanted or needed so I could go join my in-laws.

When I arrived they were all sitting in the living room talking and having a drink. Pulling out my prick I walked over to bob and stuck it in his mouth and said Huey get down here on your knees and pull out your brother juicy cock. You know how much you want to suck on that big thing.

Pulling my cock out of his mouth bob said yes little brother come on suck it for me. I have wanted you to do so for years. Then he went back to sucking on my cock. Sue says if you make your big brother cum before I make you cum while I am sucking your dick you can fuck me in either holes.

She then went down and took Huey cock down her throat. I was making noise of pleasure as well as bob and Huey while enjoying all our hard cocking being sucked. Bob was sucking mine so good I could not hold my nut any longer and dumped a big load in his mouth. I then dropped to my knees and starting sucking sue old but sweet pussy felt like I had to keep this sex chain going. Damn she was sweet and juicy as I had remembered. Sure did enjoy sucking that pussy and getting what she was going to shoot from it.

Huey was sucking brother bob cock like it was his last meal. He was taking better than half of that fat juicy hard tube of meat down his throat and moaning like a wild Indian.

Bob was also moaning and saying God dam Huey you suck dick better than anyone who ever had the pleasure of sucking mine. Brother keep sucking it feel so fucking hot and good to see my little brother lips wrapped around this old hard cock of mine. Here it come brother the mother load of all swallow all of it little brother and I will return the favor after you get to fuck my wife sue.

Sue was sucking like a wild woman and just as brother bob unloaded that big juicy load down his little brother gut. Huey started exploded his down to sues. Bob and Huey cocks were going soft while mine was still hard and getting harder as eating pussy seems to do so. Mother-in-law sue was now making noise like a monkey and saying son-in-law! Eat it! Just eat this pussy up. You know you love it and here comes the gravy you love to drink. With those words she shot copious amounts of her cum into my face and mouth.

While we all took a rest to gather our strength and figure what was next we expressed our feeling about what just happened.

Bob said Huey my brother I never dreamed you would suck my cock much less swallow my load and seem to love it so much. Huey says I know what you mean I never dreamed I would either but you and sue have to spend more time with me in Houston. Living alone in that big house we can suck and fuck all day and night if you wish. Speaking of fucking I believe sister-in-law you owe me one.

Sue just looked up and smiled saying you can put it in any hole anytime you want and right now would be divine. A promise is a promise. Bob why don’t you, Joe and I suck Huey cock back to life and let him do just that.

The three of us got to our knees and gave Huey the sucking of his life. While sue bobbed up and down on his knob I took his nuts into my mouth and bob sucked and licked on around his asshole. We all took turns licking up and down on his little hard piece of meat and bobbing up and down on it. Not a problem deep throating it being only 3.5" long and 3" around. We all sucked his nuts and tongued and licked his asshole until he cried stop unless you want me to cum instead of fucking sue. We did not want to stop but did so.

Sue got on all four and pointing her backside toward Huey said you chose the hole you want to fuck while bob slides under me and sucks my pussy and I suck my favorite son-in-law juicy cock.

Huey decided he would start by fucking sue pussy and then finish by dropping his load in her asshole. Bob decided that while eating his wife pussy that Huey cock and balls would get a good licking and sucking if possible. I just wanted to face fuck mother-in-law sue until she got all I could give her.

We all got to do just that. Bob got his brothers balls and cock down his mouth while sucking sue pussy. Sue got her pussy fucked good and hard and then her asshole as well by Huey the brother-in-law. Sue pussy was eaten until it was raw and the juices running down her legs while son-in-law face fucked her until his arms ached and he deposited the last load of cum his balls could produce.

We all laid out on the floor out of breath, well fucked, sucked and drained saying this family must do this soon again. You can be sure we will as soon as we are able.

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