It All Started With Truth Or Dare: Part 2

By James Franco (Ontario)

Dads Room: “harder baby fuck me harder. Yes daddy yes!!

Me: “I guess we’re not the only ones in the mood tonight “

As I opened her bedroom door and plopped her on her bed closing the door behind me. I continued to eat her pussy then slowly making my way up her body to her chest. I ripped off her little tank top she had on and began sucking on her tits leaving her chest wet from all my spit. I took off my underwear and started rubbing my penis in between her tits while the tip would go in her mouth with every stroke.

I then began fucking her in her mouth when I then got up and sat on the edge of the bed and told her to get on her knees. She did as I told her and began stroking my cock teasing me by only sucking on the tip. I grabbed her head and forced it down on my cock till she was gaging and up and down she went.

She lay back down on the bed on her back as I prepare to go inside missionary. She put her hands on my groin and said

Sister: “ I never did this before “

Me: “ neither have I, but I’ll be gentle don’t worry. Who better to have your first time with than your brother “

She smiled and moved her hand away as I began to insert the tip slowly then the entire thing and she gasped taking her breath away. I started thrusting slowly then began to get faster and faster. I had to put a pillow behind the headboard to stop it from hitting the wall. She was lying there taking her brothers big dick moaning saying sexy things. We didn’t even care about the moaning that much as my dad was across the hall doing the same thing in his room.

I pulled it out as her pussy was pulsing

Sister: “I wanna go on top and ride you big brother “

Me: “say no more my seeet little girl. Climb up “

As I lay on my back she put my cock in her mouth a few times before climbing up top and sitting on my dick facing me. She bounced up and down coming back down to kiss me as she twerked her ass on my cock.

Me: “let’s do doggy style. Get on your hands and knees “

Sister: “whatever you say “

Me: “ hey, do you wanna try anal?”

Sister: “OH NO! I think that is a little to much for me “

Me: “ah c’mon babes just try it. I know you’ll like it “

Sister: “no. Maybe another time. Ok?”

She bent over as I spit on my cock and her lower back watching it drip down her spine into her crack. I pushed it in her pussy coming in and all the way out with each stroke. Then I slipped in her ass and she screamed. I continued to back her in her ass as her moans got louder and louder until I bursted my load inside her ass. She was surprised and was in shock at how much came out as it dripped out of her ass. She went on her back playing with her pussy using the cum from her ass rubing it all over her legs and her body.

But as our father, we both had a very high sex drive and neither of us were finished yet. I stuck my cock back in her pussy as she rubbed her clit as fast as she could moaning loudly when all her juices cane out all over me. It was a lot. It went all the way onto my face and all over my chest and my cock. I pulled out Just after and told her to open her mouth. I stroked my cock till I nutted all over her tits and her face. She sucked me clean then licked all her cum off my dick and my belly.

The bed was soaking wet with our sweat and body juices. As I came off of her, both of us smiling, we jumped so hard our hearts came out our body and back. The door opened...

To be continued...

Read part three to find out what happens next!

James Franco

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