It All Started With Truth Or Dare: Part 1

By James Franco (Ontario)

We were only kids when this all started, but I mean aren’t we all really. Two kids always taking baths together, getting dressed together and even sleeping in the same bed together. As kids you can get very curious and want to explore all that nature has blessed us with. Needless to say me and my younger sister had definitely explored more than what natured graced us with.

We would always wait till it was late to sneak into each others room and start by just watching the tv saying how bored we were. We would then try to lighten up the mood by suggesting games to play and almost all the time it came to truth or dare or some princess game where I was the prince that had to save the princess (my younger sister) from the king (our dad). We would start playing our truth or dare game with light harmless dares which we would both always pick like lick the remote or kiss my pillow. Then it began to lick my feet, suck on my finger or kiss my butt.

The very first time playing this game we were very shy about everything so we decided to write things on a piece of paper, put then in a hat and draw at random and must do whatever the piece of paper stares. Soon after into the game we wouldn’t even use the paper but just make up stuff and do it.

In the house there was me the eldest sibling, and my two half siblings which included my younger brother by two years, and then my sister who was younger than him by two years. My younger sister and brother both shared the same parents where the three of us shared the same father only. We would always go to our dads house on the weekends to spend time with each other there as both our moms were separated from him. I don't know what it was about me but she was always just attracted to me and wanted to do stuff with me more.

As kids we only knew stuff like kissing and touching and soon began to stop doing this totally for years. When we were all older my sister began to take an interest in boys and wanted a boyfriends and all that while my brother would tell her no and that he’ll beat them up I would always just sit there quietly.

My brother would always bring one of his friends home from basketball as both our parents would become close friends. My sister began to be attracted to him but she never really showed it.

One night when we were having a little party at our house one of her close cousins and I were talking for a while. She told me how my sister liked the kid from the basketball team and how she would tell her that all the time on ft. She began telling me a bunch of my sisters secrets probably thinking that I would get close to her because I think she liked me as well but I totally dismissed her and went along with my day.

A few months later when we were all sleeping in the basement, me my brother, my sister, and the boy from the basketball team, I waited till everyone else fell asleep first before waking my sleeping sister to ask her something in the living room.

I pulled her grumpy sleepy tired self out of the bedroom quietly and into the living room to talk with her. I asked her if she liked my brothers friends but as I thought she would completely deny it. When she asked why u thought so I made up a bunch of crap but also said the her cousin had told me one time when we were alone in her bedroom, which was all true by the way. She was furious with her but then she also started to get a little bit jealous, which I liked.

As sibling we never really hugged or kissed each other like most do but just then when we were sitting on the couch, I leaned in to kiss her on her cheek and gave her a right hug rubbing her back with my hand. She hugged me back and as I was rubbing a slowly put my hand beneath her shirt to begin rubbing her bare back. I could tell she liked it as she didn’t even budge. I was whispering things into her ear like “ it’s ok, don’t worry, you know you can tell me anything “.

I was wearing just my underwear at the time while she was wearing her pajama pants and a small white vest that had her nipples poking out and a little bit see-through. As she leaned away from the hug we were just there staring into each others eyes when she noticed the bulged in my underwear starting to grow. She looked at it and back at me when I put my hand on her cheek and leaned in to kiss her.

My lips touching her lips once again felt great but she was absolutely frozen. I leaned back and she was still staring at me as if she were in a daze. I put my hand on her upper thigh and said “ it’s ok, I mean it’s not like we haven’t done this before right?” As I leaned in for a second time she quickly pushed me back and said:

Sister: “yeah but that was a long time ago. This isn’t right “

Me: “but doesn’t it feel so right. At least your cousin thought so “

I said acting as if me and her cousin had actually done something together. I leaned in once more putting all my weight on top of her kissing her face as she tried to push me away then I moved down to her neck and she gave in a little more started to moan loudly then I put her hand on my cock and she started stroking it.

I slowly backed off and put my finger on my lip to tell her to be quiet as I pushed her back on the couch and spread her legs. I ran my fingers slowly up her legs and she was twitching and moaning waiting for me to touch her. I put my hand over her mouth and stated rubbing in between her legs over her pajamas then slowly put my hand inside playing with her warm wet walls. I took my hand off her mouth and put my tongue in it instead as she we were kissing aggressively. I pulled down her pajama pants along with her panties and began kissing her other lips that were down under. I played with her clit as I stuck my tongue in between the wet walls of her pussy then started to finger her while licking her butt hole.

Sister: “is that all you got big brother ?”

Me: “oh I have a lot more where that came from baby“

Sister: “ oh c’mon, you can fit at least two more finger up there “

As I began to finger her pussy with three fingers this time she let out a very loud moan which made our brother start to wake up in the room beside us. I poked my head in the room when he asked what that was and answered him with saying I stubbed my toe and to go back to sleep. Me and my sister laughed and I told her let’s go up to her room.

She jumped in my arms and I carried her upstairs with no pants on while she was sticking her tongue down my throat. I slowly walked up the creaking stairs trying not to wake up my dad and his girlfriend when all of a sudden we hear moaning coming from his room.

To be continued...

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James Franco

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