Hugging Mom

By Anonymous

This story is about me and my mom but it is more about a romance then about sex. I was her only son so I received her extra attention always. Our relation was almost normal until I was 20 and she was 40.

I was doing my BCS when my father fell ill. My father was 50 and holding a good job in a MNC. It was his drinking habit that effected his liver and kidneys. We were living in a flat away from hospital so doctors suggested him to get admitted.

We got admission in a private room of a Private hospital. That's where things started to change. Initially the doctors tried to cure him through medicine but then suggested a transplant. Finding a donor and the cost of replacement became our main worries.

Although some other relatives also helped in looking after dad but most of the burden was on mom. She used to spend almost every night with him. I also used to spend a lot of time in hospital. As the time progressed Dad was becoming difficult to handle due to his pain and a ban on wine.

One day when mom was trying to give him some soup he shut his mouth early and some hot soup fell on his chin. In anger he hit the bowl mom was holding. The entire soup fell on the front of mom. She cried and ran to washroom. I was sitting quiet but went after mom for help.

From inside she asked me to bring an ointment for burns. I went out towards a nurse and asked her to give me such an ointment. Hearing that my mom want it for her breasts and belly, she handed me a tube. In no time I came back and knocked at the door of washroom. Mom opened the door and gave me a shock of my life.

By now she had not only took her shirt off but her bra too and standing only in a white shalwar. Her boobs were very white and smooth. They looked like medium sized pancakes with a big cherry in the middle. Upper part of her chest was a bit red due to burn. Her belly was round and soft.

She took tube from me and closed the door. I offered help but she said she can rub the cream herself. Just before moving I gave a quick look to mom. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her tits jiggle and sway.

Despite the situation the sight made my blood hot. It was my first encounter with bare female anatomy. I was confused about what I was feeling. It was part love and part lust. Despite her age mom looked quite a sight. Mom was not fat and every dress looked good on her as it enhanced her body curves.

After a few minutes Mom called me again and asked me to give her another dress from her bag. By now dad realized his mistake and kept saying sorry but mom kept crying. While I handed her the fresh dress and bra I had another chance to look at her womanly charms. I knew my mother posses wonderful boobs but how wonderful was not clear before.

It became clear as she stood in her naked glory in front of me. I tried to avoid looking at her bare parts and looked her face. Her face was expressionless. I handed over her dress and moved back.

"Is everything Okay?" Dad asked

I nodded and tried to control the hard on I was carrying. I remembered that when I was in high school some of my classmates bragged about seeing their mom or sister boobs. Now what I saw was unexplainable.

Mom changed and came back into room. Dad asked for forgiveness which she gave reluctantly. Finally he suggested her to go home and take some rest. Luckily my dad sister visited us and agreed to stay. Both me and mom went to our flat.

As soon we were inside mom became teary and said,

"You saw how thankless your dad is"

"But he realized his mistake, forgive him" I said

Hearing that she started weeping. To console her I went near her and patted her back. She moved into my arms and hugged me.

"You are my only hope son. Promise to stand with me always." She waled.

I assured her of my support and hugged her back. She caressed my back and I hers. Her tits were pressed on my chest and feel of her soft body was making me hard. I quickly pulled back and advised her to rest.

As she agreed to go in her room I moved to my washroom. I started stroking my cock to relive myself. I did it many time in past but that day imaging my own mother made me feel ten times hotter.

Later when some guilt feelings hit me I thanked God for not doing anything silly with mom. The same day however another occasion arose for hugging.

After eating dinner both mom and me sat down to watch TV. I inquired about her injury and she informed me that she was feeling a lot better.

Then she started talking about the health of my dad.

"Despite him not being kind to me, I will pray for his health, as he is my sartaj." She said

"Praying for health is alright but be prepared for the worst." I told her

My words surprised her. "What do you mean beta?"

Selecting my words carefully I told her that we should plan a life without him too. Hearing that she turned pale and said she never thought that way. She suddenly looked worried.

I told her to get information from dad about his bank accounts and properties. I assured her that in case of death the firm of dad will surely give us some funds. She again became teary and I assured her that in worst scenario I can find a job.

Again mom moved into my arms and hugged me. This time I grabbed her and pulled her in for a closer, tighter hug....actually just trying to feel her breasts against my chest. I realized how sweet she smelled. Just before she broke the hug, she kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her back on cheek and felt a storage type of bond with her. It was a mix of love and lust. No need to mention that soon we went to sleep in our rooms but sleep was not coming easy to me. The events of the day kept haunting me until I made one more round of the washroom.

Next day was a new day and I tried to forget the last day. On my bike I dropped mom in hospital and went to my college. In afternoon I spent some time at home and then went to hospital in evening. Dad was sleeping and mom was worried. She told me that my dad was in pain so doctors gave him pain killing and sleeping pills. He will pass the night quietly.

We took some food together and then I decided to go back home. As I came out of the hospital it was raining. Travelling on a bike was not a good idea. I went back and told mom about it. She said I can sleep there too. The problem was that there was no extra bed in the room. Even mom was sleeping in a single mattress on the floor. I asked her to sleep as usual and I can adjust myself in a chair. But she insisted on sleeping together.

The room has a AC working so mom was sleeping under a cover. I moved inside the cover too. The space was tight so she took me in arms again. I could feel the softness of her body through her cotton dress, as she held me, my face was against her breasts, and my soft cock pressed through my pajamas against her round stomach.

I relaxed in her arms and she stroked my hair and hugged me gently. Her hand drifted to my bum and stayed there. Then it happened... my cock started to harden dramatically, by feeling female flesh closely. As my cock became completely rigid, it began to throb against her in time with my pulse, making my mother aware of my arousal.

I was acutely embarrassed, but she didn't move or say anything, and only pulled me closer to her. As my awareness of her heightened, I realized that her nipples had hardened against my chest. Dad turned in his bed and mom trembled. She eased her body away from mine a little.

After keeping away she felt that she might go out of cover. She moved closer by putting one of her leg over my leg. I want to control my erection but failed. Mom realized it touching her on her belly somewhere but said nothing. Slowly I turned the other way and she other. She was tired so she started snoring. I was horny so I kept awake.

Finding her in sleep I moved behind her and put my hand over her breast. To my horror she was not wearing a bra. Gently I cupped her breast and stroked it over the shirt. My hard cock was pressing her soft bottom. I knew who she was and where we were but devil was guiding me then.

I shoved my cock on her ass cheeks and then between them. I rubbed only a little but started to cum instantly. I quickly moved the other way but a little bit of cum still fell on her dress.

After I had calmed a little I felt a big need to pee. Very carefully I slipped off from the mattress. I pissed and cleaned. In return I sat down on chair and soon saw mom waking told her I am going home. I was very much scared, but somehow faced her again in the evening.

To my great surprise she didn't even hint that something was amiss, although she couldn't have missed the tell-tale signs. Still I decided to keep a distance from her. After about a week the father was released from hospital. He was not fit yet so he was advised to rest at home. Life was still not easy.

One day it started raining early. I skipped college and stayed home. The day progressed normal and then night came. After dinner I was watching TV when mom came from her room and looked out of window. She was worried about the next day when dad was supposed to meet a doctor. I assured her that by noon next day rain will stop.

It was a bit cold and I was lying on a carpet inside a blanket while watching TV. Mom came to watch TV too as dad was deep in sleep. She got inside my blanket and hugged me. I was feeling horny due to weather and the movie I was watching.

As I came face to face with her I kissed her on her head. She took it as normal and kissed me back on my forehead. My cock rubbed on her belly but she didn't pull back. Suddenly the power went off and it became dark. We continued to lay in each other arms silently.

I moved a little and let my cock rub on her pussy mound. For a second I thought she will slap me but to my surprise she put one of her leg over my leg and gave easy excess of her softest parts to me. With my hands I started caressing her back and hips.

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