Happy Mother’s Day

By Anonymous

My fiancé was suppose to be going to a cruise with his mom for mother’s day weekend so I decided I’d go and see my mom. I took a plane to Philadelphia and I surprised her.

She opened the door wearing a t shirt and a thong. I wasn’t surprised seeing how she walk around the house naked most of my childhood.

"Hey mom," I said. She hugged me her DD 34 tits in my face. My pussy began to get wet a little but I ignored it. She let me in the house and I noticed that the house smelled.... strange.

My mom started telling me about how my dad divorced her and she’s been so lonely. I told her that I was getting married. Suddenly she asked.

"Have you guys fucked yet?" I looked at her surprised by the question

"Well um yeah" I could feel my cheeks get warm. She smiled

"Good good!"

She squatted to pick up a beer bottle and I caught a glimpse of her pussy, it was wet and I could feel my pussy getting wet.

After dinner I went to bed at about 9:30. I woke up at 11:50 and heard moaning. I opened the door and crept to the living room my mom had her legs opened wide her thong around her ankles her eyes closed and a vibrator on her clit as she was rubbing her boobs.

“Fuck” she moaned and I could see her cum flowing out of her pussy.

I sat next to the edge of the cube and took off my panties and started rubbing my pussy. I heard my mom cum and I closed my eyes imagining her cumming while licking my pussy. I heard her moving, my mom stood up and layed her mouth inches from my pussy.

I started moaning and arching my back getting ready to cum, then her tongue started licking my swollen pink clit. We ate each other out and then she stuck the vibrator in my pussy and I ate her out. It was so sexy and there was so much cum.

I left the next day and my fiancé was home when I got home. He asked how the visit was and I told him about it. I could see his penis get hard and he started breathing heavy.

When I was done he layed me down and slowly started to eat me out as his cock sprang out of his pant, that’s how we made our first kid and every time he wanted to make another... I’d retell him the story of me and my mom eating each other out.

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