Faithful Husband: Part 2

By Anonymous

When he talked to her about his wish to have sex with her mother she said, "I will let you fuck my mother in front of my father, he will love it."

They went to visit her parents, when they arrived her parents were waiting for them, they all sat in the living room, her father asked her to come and sit in his lap like the old days.

She told him that she will come if he agrees that her husband spanks her mom on her bare ass, he agreed then her mother removed all her clothes stretching her body on her son in law legs.

The husband started to spank the soft butt slowly then spanking became harder, the ass cheeks were red, then he asked her to be on her four and open her ass cheeks wide with her two hands, in few seconds the husband cock was going so deep into the hole while his wife was having her dad cock filling her asshole.

The father whispered in his daughter ear, "I noticed that your husband is very sexy, he has great butt, you think he will let me fuck his asshole, I love it." she replied "my husband agrees on anything I ask him, to answer your question, yes he will accept, take the first step now."

Her father moved his body and stood behind the husband who was pumping his cock in and out in the mother hole, he licked the husband asshole then he shoved his cock into his asshole, the husband reacted nicely moving his body back and forth.

After few minutes the daughter was on top of her father fucking his hole with a huge dildo, four bodies were on top if each other, mother could not take her breath from the heavy load on her back.

Lots of cum was on the mother’s back, and on her son in law back, the family orgy continued for almost an hour then they all went to have shower.

On the way back to their place, she asked her husband to drop by one of her old friends, he said it is too late, she told him that her friend is living with her parents and they do not sleep early.

When they arrived they knocked the door, a middle age woman opened and let them in, she was wearing a short robe leaving her breast uncovered, she kissed both of them and took them to the living room.

A man was sitting in his chair holding a glass in his hand, he was having a towel around his waist, when he stood up to shake hands with them the towel was on the floor, he was standing naked in front of them.

A girl came into the room ,when she saw her friend and her husband she came straight to them opening her arms, she kissed them on the lips then she said "it has been long time since your last visit," the mother asked her daughter to fix few drinks for us.

I noticed from the way they kissed my wife that the relation was more than friendship the mother looked at me saying "your wife is considered as one of the family members, we will treat you the same." I thanked her and looked at my wife, her eyes were focused on the man thick cock.

I asked my wife if her parents know her friends, she told me that she used to come with her mother to visit them every now and then, they were having good time during these visits.

I wanted her to explain what she just said, she added "me and my mom were having lesbian relation with my friend and her mother, also my friend dad was having sex with my mom, that is why I am part of the family."

I wanted to watch my wife while she has sex with the man, I talked to her about my wish, she agreed and wanted me to take care of her friend and her mother. In few seconds my wife was on her knees sucking the man cock, the girl and her mother were also kneeling with my cock in one mouth and my balls in the other mouth.

The scene of the man cock going into my wife mouth was so exciting, and after the great sucking I saw my wife sitting on the man’s cock letting it go slowly into her asshole. The mother and the girl wanted to be fucked in their assholes, I was so happy when my cock was moving between the two holes me and my wife were fucked by the man, I could not leave their house without feeling the huge cock going deep into my hole.

We left the place around 5 am, it was a long night, we went straight to bed. In the afternoon one of my old friends called me, he said that few of our club members will go to the farm, he wants me to join them, I asked my wife if she likes to go with me she agreed.

I drove my car, when we arrived the farm I noticed that none of the members brought their wife with them, I wanted to go back but my wife told me it is fine with her. My wife was wearing her tight short and t shirt, there were four men plus me, so my wife has to settle between five men wearing a sexy short showing all her curves, and a cut t shirt covering half of her breasts.

We went to play volley ball, my friends like to play naked, we had no choice but to play naked, five huge cock was jumping in front of my wife while her naked body was jumping with them, it was so hard for my wife to hold herself.

When we finished the game we sat on the sand sweating, our cocks were also wet, my wife wanted to clean out my cock, after she finished I told her that it is ok with me if she likes to clean off the other four cocks.

She grabbed two cocks with her two hands and started to move her lips and tongue up and down, then she did the same with the other two cocks, my friends were screaming and shouting cheering my wife I saw my wife sitting on one cock while another cock was going in and out of her cunt.

She was holding two cocks in her hands, then I had my cock in her mouth, my wife was having fun with five cocks at one time, when we all unloaded our cum, her body was full of cum, the men started to lick their cum to clean my wife body.

After we rested for a while, we went to see the dogs and the horses in the big yard, we rode the horses, each two riding one horse, my wife rode sitting in the lap of one man while the rest of us rode on two horses.

We were having great fun while we were on the horse, cocks were going in and out of the holes, our fun lasted for two hours, we were exchanging our positions in a way that every one fucks and get fucked, my wife was so lucky to change her horse and rode with all the men.

In the evening we went to swim in the pool, we had the same fun in the pool, when we left the pool we took our dinner and drove back to our house with all my friends. My friends called their wives and we had a great orgy until next morning. That was the story of the faithful husband.

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