Faithful Husband: Part 1

By Anonymous

My name is Martin, now I am over 50 yrs old married and have one son and one daughter. I was married when I reached 21 yrs old, my wife was younger than me, she was and still very attractive and beautiful woman.

After our wedding party was over, I took my wife to a hotel to enjoy my first night with my wife, I was dreaming for this night for weeks. I noticed tears in my wife eyes, when I asked her she replied "I cannot tell you, it is hard to explain."

I started to take off my clothes, then I undressed her, she resisted and kept on crying, finally she said "I am not virgin," it was a big shock for me, I did not know what to say or what to do.

I left the room to have some fresh air, I went to the hotel lobby to drink something, I stayed in the bar till it was 4 am, then I decided to go back to the room and listen to what she will say.

She started to tell me her story about losing her virginity, it was her father who was behind it. When she was 11 yrs old she used to sit on her father lap to play, this was normal for girls in her age, she continued to play that way until she reached 18 yrs old, at this age she was no longer a child, she has a great sexy body with nice breasts and thighs.

One afternoon while she was in her father lap with her bare milky thighs and unbuttoned blouse, she felt the hard cock of her father under her, his hands were rubbing her thighs, she was excited, her dad rubbing did not stop.

She wanted to touch her father cock, when she asked him he moved her from his lap and pulled out his cock to let her touch, it was so huge and thick, she grabbed it between her hands moving them up and down.

Her father wanted to put the huge cock in her mouth for her to suck it, she had the head first then her father pushed his cock into her mouth slowly until it was all in, it was so tasty she continued to suck until he unloaded his cum in her mouth.

After few minutes her father cock was hard again, he took her to the sofa put her on her stomach, then he undress her, he started to kiss her back, her butt and her hips.

She felt his hand spreading her ass cheeks, he inserted his tongue so deep in her asshole until it became red and wet, he looked at her saying "my sweet baby I am going to fuck your asshole, just relax yourself."

Her hole was so tight her father had to use some lotion to let his cock slide in smoothly, it was painful but she liked it, it was the first time for her having anal sex.

She put on her clothes and went to her mother room to tell her about what her dad did to her, her mother was not surprised she looked at her daughter saying "you are not child any more, you are free to do anything you like."

Next afternoon her father came in to her room, she was awake in bed without any clothes on, he sat beside her on the bed and started to kiss her body, then he said "today I will make you a real woman, I am going to fuck from front," he added "it will hurt you, you will feel pain between your legs and you will see blood coming out from your cunt, it is normal, no need to panic."

With her legs raised up her father cock was facing her pussy, her father started to push his cock in to her hole in a gentle and smooth moves, the pain was increasing with each push, but she asked her dad not to stop and to go deeper.

When he pulled out his cock blood was on her thighs and on the cock, her father helped her cleaning her thighs and hole from the blood. In two days the girl lost her virginity in both holes, after those two days she was having sex with her father every night, she was sleeping with her parents in one bed.

She tried all types of fun with her mom and dad, the father fucking her asshole while the mother eats her cunt, the father fucking the mother while the daughter licks her dad asshole, every night there was something new.

She ended her story to her husband saying "as you can see it was not my fault, you have the right to leave me after what you heard, I will not blame you," the man decided to keep his marriage and to live with her leaving the past behind, he had few weird ideas in his mind, it was all related to sex, his wife agreed and accepted all his ideas.

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