Bet With My Sister

By Karthik (India)

We lived in a one room kitchen small house. I was in college. My sister had just finished college. I happened to frequent parks and beaches and watch couples make out and masturbate at home.

It happened that day i could see a couple hiding behind the rocks. I was surprised to see that it was my sister. She was having her eyes half closed feeling the pleasure and her boyfriend was sliding his hands inside her T shirt and pressing her boobs like anything.

It made me real horny. I took out my mobile and took photos. Back home, I rushed to my bed, took out my sisters photo and masturbated on it and wiped it clean.

Since that day, I followed my sister everywhere, and noticed her holding hands with her friend, kissing him and playing with him.

I really wanted to make love with her but did not know how to go ahead.

Once she was home and seemed to be in good mood. Mom was out to the market. Dad was in office. I said to my sister that I had fallen in love with a girl.

She started teasing me and kept asking me how she looked.

I described the girl very much like I viewed my sister.

"Shall I tell about it to your dad." She kept teasing and kept asking me to show her pic.

I said, it's of no use. She asked why.

I said the girl was making out with some other boy.

'Oh then you have got to dump her.'

I said, I cant ever forget her. My sis tried convincing me.

I asked my sis whether she had any boyfriend. She denied.

I laid a bet that I will find out whether she had a boyfriend.

She agreed. The rules of the bet was that if she lost, she will agree to whatever I say.

She requested to show me the pic of my girlfriend.

I took out my mobile and showed the pics of her making out with her boyfriend.

Her face turned red. She said she did not expect me to do this.

I told her I too did not expect her to be seen this way. We kept silent for a while.

I could not contain myself.

I pulled her over me and kissed her lips.

"No, its not good." She pushed me away.

I grabbed her from behind, 'Just once for me'

My fingers sneaked around her T shirt and cupped her bra.

She tried to shout but I held her closely.

When our eyes met, she gradually smiled.

I kissed her lips, she kissed back, this time we kissed passionately.

I pulled open her bra straps and started pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples

"Ooh, not so hard." she cried.

I could not hold myself. I undressed her fully and pushed her over the bed.

We did not mind the books scattered over the bed. The papers made a noise as we rolled over them.

In no time, I too undressed myself and kissed her passionately with my fingers playing over her nice round boobs. I bent down and took each of her boobs and sucked them. I moved towards her pussy. It was so wet. I kissed it.

"No no please. She pulled me over her and put her hand over my cock and guided it inside her pussy."

Slish slosh slish slosh slish slosh,

My cock produced sounds as it drilled her pussy.

The door bell rang. It had to be my mother.

She tried to move away. I was in no mood to move away.

I fucked her vigorously for another two minutes till my cum dripped over her.

She rushed to the bathroom.

I put on my T shirt and shorts quickly adjusted myself and opened the door.

My mom gave me a staring look for having opened the door so late.

I told her that I was in the toilet and sis was in the bathroom, so it took a while and tried to force an apology.

Mom went inside the kitchen and said she was to go to neighbors house for handing over a parcel.

She promptly left.

My sis came out of the bathroom in her towel as if she came out of bath.

I could not control myself.

I pulled her towel away and was kissing her all over.

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