A Fortunate Mistake

By bigdaddykingdavid (USA)

My sister Diane has always been beautiful. In fact there are many words that describe her somewhat, but none are enough to describe whatever it is about her that makes so many men lust for her. Words such as, sexy, exotic, sensual and attractive are often used and certainly accurate based on their definitions, however not complete.

Evidence of every trait that a man may desire can been seen within Diane yet none are in excess. The closest way I have found to describe what it is that makes men lose their minds over her is simply "sex appeal" and even that doesn't seem to paint the full picture.

Our mother was a pretty woman, however it was our father who gave each of us our best qualities. The two traits my father had in excess and passed to each of his children are that we are all said to be good looking or handsome just as he was, and we are all very sexual as he was.

Diane apparently received a double dose of these traits. Her breasts are not large but they are perfect. Her ass is great by all standards but not exceptional in any way. Diane is pretty to look at but nothing about her features make her an exception to other women.

I didn't have sexual feelings toward Diane growing up despite living in the country and skinny dipping in ponds together. It was an appreciation and as we reached developing years, mild curiosity at times. Diane and I were close and loved each other, however it was always as brother and sister. I never felt jealous of the many boys and later men that chased after Diane but I was angry at those who mistreated her.

As each of us came of legal age it was clear we shared our fathers high sex drive. We seemed to enjoy sex more than the average person as well as having far more partners. With thin walls it was known that we each enjoyed kinky things in the bedroom as well as the ability to experience powerful orgasms multiple times.

When I was nineteen I lost my job which caused me to move in with Diane who was twenty three and recently divorced from a man who could not keep up with her sexually. Diane began to take full advantage of her new single status.

Diane had a group of girlfriends that would get together every weekend and go out to the dance clubs and party. Almost every Friday and Saturday night they would return to our apartment very intoxicated with men they had picked up when the bars had closed.

At first I found the sex noises coming through the common wall slightly annoying. The problem was, I couldn't leave my room usually because the living room was occupied by Diane's friends who were engaged in various sex acts with the men they brought to our apartment.

I was still under age to consume alcohol, therefore the only sober person in an apartment full of drunk and horny people. At times it was entertaining as I listened to the sex happening on the other side of walls. Then I began to masturbate while listening or peeking into the living room to watch people have sex.

The alcohol removed many of the inhibitions that my sister and her friends may have had, allowing them to do some wild and kinky things with various partners each weekend. I often listened intently to Diane and her partner at the time through the wall near my bed as they had sex of every imaginable kind.

I became aroused and soon found myself wanting to be the one having sex with Diane instead of the stranger she brought home. Diane was very vocal and enjoyed talking dirty during her sex adventures which I found to be a huge turn on. I felt a little guilt at first when I would stroke myself to several orgasms pretending It was me Diane was talking to in such a dirty sexual way. I imagined her nude and tried picturing her pussy in my mind or tasting her while she sat on my face grinding into me.

After the weekend was over my thoughts of having Sex with my sister would dissipate along with the guilt. I never really considered that I could actually have sex with Diane because it was so taboo. I found the fantasy to be enjoyable and the masturbation to her live sex act enhanced things greatly for my pleasure, but It was still incest to actually have sex with my sister. Besides she would never be willing to have sex with me .

One Friday morning I was in the living room watching TV When Diane and her friends came home from the bar very drunk. I had never seen my sister this intoxicated before and was surprised see her in this state. I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water when Diane and her date walked in unsteadily with a six pack of beer and groped each other lewdly.

Diane went to the refrigerator and poked her head inside to shuffle leftovers around to make room for the beer. Her date had initially stood by me as I had pulled myself up to sit on the counter top however he said he had to pee and possibly puke as he ran out of the kitchen.

Suddenly Diane came out of the fridge and turned toward me. There was only the small light from the oven to see by as I sat on the counter top.

In the dim light, Diana who was highly intoxicated, mistook me for her date Brian and pulled me from the counter and into her arms. I didn't have time to think or react at first because her hands were instantly kneading my cock and balls through my pants just as her tongue was forced into my mouth in a very sloppy kiss.

Diane's mouth tasted sweet with blast of alcohol and my cock jumped to the touch of her groping hand and was hard as a rock literally within seconds. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit and helped me squeeze it firmly.

I lost all control and like a high school teen, shoved my hand down the front of her pants and slid into her panties in one scoop. I caressed the thick triangle of black thatched pubic hair then slid lower allowing my finger to slid up and down my Sisters wet slit.

Slipping my middle finger into her entrance, I forced her pink lips apart and began fucking it in and out smoothly as we stood by the counter. Diane released my mouth from a kiss and put her mouth to my ear to whisper the following:

"Shove two more fingers in my naughty fuck tunnel so you can stretch it out enough to pack your big fat cock in there and fuck me like a dirty whore".

I shoved all three fingers deep up inside my sister Diane's hot pussy and started fucking them in and out causing her to moan. I was worried her date may come back at any time, however I couldn't ask her to come with me and have her recognize my voice and her mistake. Diane had now slid her hand down the front of my pants and was violently jerking my cock off.

Using a gruff voice I said the word "bedroom" as I pulled Diane toward the doorway. I got behind her and kept one hand playing with her slippery wet pussy and the other squeezing her firm titties. We walked past several couples in the living room but they were all too busy to pay enough attention as we walked past.

I noticed a rather large white girl on her knees in front of a bald black man sitting in the recliner. Her hands had fat sausage fingers that were wrapped around the mans cock and appeared to be twice as large in length and girth. I was tempted to say "Guess the rumor isn't always true" but I couldn't risk it , so we kept going to my sisters room.

As Diane and I entered her bedroom she flipped on the light and I quickly flipped it back off then pushed her down on the bed. Diane giggled and asked,

"what are you shy all the sudden?"

I didn't respond, instead I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down just past her knees while raising her feet high towards her head. Low on time i used one hand to hold her legs up by the waist of the jeans, and the other to open the fly of my jeans.

As soon as my stiff cock sprung free I grabbed it like a snake and after two missed attempts in darkness was finally able to get the head into the opening of my sisters wet pink hole. I thrust forward until my balls smashed painfully into her ass and i was buried to the max.

Diane began calling me Danny and talking filthy as I fucked my cock in and out of her pussy in a rough and pounding manner knowing it was a matter of seconds. I was just about to cum and enjoying the tension in my balls as they prepared to let go of everything they held when the door opened and the light came on.

Looking Down into my sisters sexy brown eyes I saw the grow wide with surprise as I erupted inside her pussy and thrust forward all the way deep inside and held there as my cock spurted and twitched dumping my seed into her warmth.

I pretended to be equally shocked as Diane and her date Danny both began yelling questions that were now pointless such as, "what the hell?", and "Oh my stars Mikey what the hell are you doing fucking me?" Which was my cue to pull my semi flaccid cock from my sisters pussy watching it dribble sperm on her inner thigh. At the same moment she tried leaning forward to sit up and A huge glob of my man goo burped out of the pink hole that I proudly noticed gaped open rather widely and ran down into the crack of her lovely ass.

I then began yelling myself saying, "I thought you wee that girl that said she would meet me in the kitchen in twenty minutes and her date had a little dick and all that stuff." Then I stomped out trying to act distressed.

The following few days Diane and I didn't speak and tried to pretend it didn't happen. Well I tried to pretend to pretend anyway. A few weeks later I talked to her after she had been drinking and we agree the incest taboo made it so good because it felt so naughty and we screwed each others brains out with the light on, saying the filthiest things we could think of and got off several times.

These days she is too sore from me fucking her all week to bring any other man home on the weekends.

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