Virgin Stories: Incest Smashing Tight Virgin Pussy

Virgin stories. Incest smashing tight virgin pussy. Here are quick teasers, He pushed his finger in only a little way, and found her hymen. Yes, she was still a virgin… I worked slowly back and forth, only inching in until I felt a barrier… It wasn’t easy, but little by little, her extremely tight pussy started to inch down my cock… “Oh my God, Jim! That feels…awesome!” I eased a bit more…

“Taking” My Sister’s Virginity (Incest Virgin Stories)
My sister was a virgin, but not only did she love sucking cock, she also ate pussy? “You hungry again?” Andrea purred, her tone dripping with naughtiness. “It’s been a couple hours,” Lisa responded, “plus it’s after midnight, which means I haven’t eaten that sweet cunt of yours today.” Hearing my sister use the word ‘cunt’…Continue reading

Owning A Dominant Bitch (Virgin-Stories)
I made her go without panties to school and I would play with her pussy in a corner of the hall where no one could see us. She would be dripping wet from the contact and I kept her horny all day at school. By the time the last bell rung I could make her do anything. One day at the beginning of school I had her against the wall…Continue reading

Daddy’s Breeding Slut (Incest Virgin Stories)
He pushed his finger in only a little way, and found her hymen. Yes, she was still a virgin. He spat on his cockhead, preparing it for entry. It didn’t take long - his beautiful, pure, semi-nude virgin daughter was laying there in front of him, practically begging to be impregnated. He pushed only the head of his cock into her tiny…Continue reading

Sailing With My Daughter And Friend (Virgin-Stories)
I leaned down and kissed her lips. Then I slowly began thrusting forward. I could feel the tightness of her. I felt every bit as my head entered her. I moved slightly forward allowing more to enter her. I worked slowly back and forth, only inching in until I felt a barrier. Her virginity? I stopped and looked back at her…Continue reading

Family Affair: Backseat Sister (Incest Virgin Stories)
She wanted to lose her virginity to me... her brother. And I suddenly wanted to be the one to be her first, I positioned my completely hard cock straight in the air and aimed it for her perfect pinkness as she began to lower herself on my serpent. It was like we were living in slow motion. I felt her wetness touch my mushroom top…Continue reading

Little Sister’s Dilemma (Incest Virgin Stories)
“Oh my God, Jim! That feels…awesome!” I eased a bit more of my manhood into her slowly, and as I did, my sister gasped at the thrilling realization that she was being penetrated by a man for the first time in her young life. Not only was she about to be fucked, but she almost seemed to be impatient for it to happen…Continue reading

“Brother’s Dick”: A Virginity Lost (Incest Virgin Stories)
“Big brother, your little virgin sister wants to suck her brother’s big, hard, cock.” “You’re a virgin?” he asked, clearly surprised... his tone instantly changing. “Yes,” I nodded, even as I reached for his cock. “In that case I’m not sure we should do any of this,” he said, his entire demeanor changing the moment he had learned…Continue reading

Sisters By The Pool (Incest Virgin Stories)
It wasn’t easy, but little by little, her extremely tight pussy started to inch down my cock. She had masturbated with enough crazy things that her cherry was gone and she didn’t suffer through any other pain than the stretching. “Shit it’s so big!” Hailey moaned as she kept sinking down, determined to take it all…Continue reading

Doctor’s Orders, Mom Helps (Incest Virgin Stories)
“Look, I’m only doing this because I love you. I want to make sure that you remain a healthy young man.” From that moment, there was a sense of understanding between them. Sure, it would be extremely awkward and pretty humiliating, but there was a good purpose behind it. Ben certainly didn’t want to put his cock in…Continue reading

Breaking In Girlfriend’s Sister (Virgin-Stories)
I started to get hard, which excited her as I bumped against her ass, between our clothing. “I’m so excited,” she whispered. “I’ve fooled around with boys but we haven’t done a ton. I’m still a virgin but I masturbate all the time. Don’t worry about breaking me in!” She was driving me crazy already with the talk…Continue reading

Swimming, Sun, Sister (Incest Virgin Stories)
“Earlier, when you were on top of me. I felt you press it into the cleft of my ass cheeks. I’ve never even seen a penis in person before and my brother has pressed his big hard cock into my ass!” “It was an accid-” I try to reply but she cuts me off. “Look, accident or not, I’ll forgive you if you let me see it.” I don’t say anything…Continue reading

The Stranger (Virgin-Stories)
She flushed as she met his eyes. “I’m a virgin.” It was barely a whisper. He removed his fingers from her and loosened his grip on her wrists. She didn’t have a hymen, but he knew that she was telling the truth by how tight she was and by the way that she was blushing. “Please let me go.” She whispered. He had no intention…Continue reading

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