Vaginal Discharge – What is the Vaginal Secretion During Early Pregnancy?

Vaginal discharge is normal vaginal secretions that help cleanses and maintain healthy vagina. Normal healthy vagina produces secretions that are white or yellowish in color that help maintain chemical balance of the vagina. The normal acidic chemical balance prevents infections from occurring in the vagina. There are several factors that can alter the chemical balance of the vagina and these include emotional stress, menstrual cycle, lack of nutrition, medication, pregnancy, and sexual arousal.

The changes in the chemical balance cause the vagina more susceptible to infections. Abnormal vaginal discharge can result from vaginal infections that cause the discharge to vary in color and amount. Some of the symptoms associated with vaginal infections may include irritation of the vagina and vulva, unusual discharge, yellow or green discharge, and unpleasant odor.

Abnormal discharges are caused by different types of vaginal infections and bacterial infections. Vaginal infections that cause abnormal discharge include bacterial vaginosis, candidiasis (yeast infection), and trichomoniasis. Bacterial infections that cause abnormal discharge include Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Vaginal infections and bacterial infections are different types of sexually transmitted diseases therefore having unprotected sex increase the risk of transmitting the infection between partners.

It is possible for infected individual to show no sign of symptoms or it may take a long time for symptoms to appear. Individual who are sexually active needs to be tested for infection along with their partner so that proper treatment can be used to treat the disease and to prevent infection from recurring.

Other factors that lead to the cause of vaginal infections may include hormonal changes, diabetes, douching with the use of feminine hygiene spray, insufficient lubrication during intercourse, wearing nylon underwear and panty hose, and using tampons instead of pads.

Some of the best practices to treat and prevent vaginal infections include the use of over-the-counter drug for treating yeast infection, practice safe sex, maintain good hygiene, keep genital area clean and dry, wear cotton underwear, wipe from front to back after urination or bowel movements, and maintained healthy diet.

Abnormal discharge can also occur during pregnancy from the use of certain antibiotics and diet high in sugar. It is also common for women to experience heavy discharge during pregnancy and the discharge may increase as the women approaches labour. Cervical cancer and cancer in the reproductive tract can cause blood stained in vaginal discharge that are usually noticeable after sexual intercourse.

After menopause as the woman’s aging body produces less estrogen many symptoms arises including her vagina becoming thinner and dryer causing her vagina to inflame and increasing her chance of abnormal discharge.

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