Sperm Facts – Swallowing Semen & Sperm Facials Is It Good For You...

Sperm facts. Here are all the Surprising health benefits of swallowing semen, Sperm facials is it good for your skin, Amazing things you can do with human sperm, Top sperm friendly lubricants, Do you want to smell like blood and semen, Semen cocktails recipes.  After reading this you may be eager to swallow more semen or have more intercourse not solely for pleasure but for the number of health benefits that may come along with regular sexual activity.  Read with an open mind and then let your instinct guide you, no one can judge you because no one knows you.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Swallowing Semen
Semen is healthy for you, research claims the fluid in semen provides nutrients and protection for sperm have many health benefits.  Research also suggests the same health benefits may be available when you swallow semen.  There are allegedly numbers of health benefits from swallowing semen, and here are the lists…Continue reading

Sperm Facials Is It Good For Your Skin? (Sperm Facts)
Does semen have anti-aging effects on the skin or are people just making such claim? Two writer, one male and one female, have tested this theory by applying it to one cheek and regular moisturizer to the other.  Here’s how semen affect the skin on man and woman…Continue reading
Here’s another story of youthful grandmother claims sperm facials are her anti-aging secret…Continue reading

Amazing Things You Can Do With Human Sperm (Sperm Facts)
Sperm as you well know have only one purpose and that is to fertilize an egg.  Beside procreation sperm and semen are capable of doing so much more than you think otherwise.  These amazing fluids are relentless once it’s on the quest to seeking and fertilizing an egg.  It is just as relentless on the outside at it is on the inside, and here are the amazing things you can do with human sperm…Continue reading

Top Sperm Friendly Lubricants (Sperm Facts)
There are certain lubricants you should avoid when trying to get pregnant.  If using lubricants are regular part of your sexual play, you can continue doing so with sperm friendly lubricants. Regular lubricants can inhibit sperm movement and lower your chances for success when trying to conceive.  Here are the top sperm friendly lubricants…Continue reading

Do You Want To Smell Like Blood And Semen
Fame by Lady Gaga a perfume featuring fragrance notes of blood and semen became the number one best selling women’s fragrance in just one week after hitting the shelves at Superdrug.  The advanced fluid technology turns black liquid into clear liquid when airborne.  Here’s how blood and semen smell like…Continue reading

Semen Cocktails Recipes: Storage Tips, Flavor Tips And Much More…
At this point you’ve heard about surprising health benefits of swallowing semen, sperm facials anti-aging secret, amazing things you can do with human sperm, sperm friendly lubricants,  blood and semen fragrance, you’re still trying to process all the information and suddenly you get hit with semen cocktails shots.  Here’s the reason why the author came up with semen cocktails recipes…Continue reading

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