Reluctance Stories: Violating Her Pussy Flooding Her With Cum

Reluctance stories. Violating her pussy flooding her with cum. Here are quick teasers, “Mr. C you took my virginity, please take it out, it’s wrong, you’re old enough to be my dad… “I will have what is mine.” He pushed his cock just barely into the small opening of her virgin opening… Then two of the men moved David until his face was literally in his mother’s juicy pussy… 

Fucking A Reluctant Sitter (Reluctance Stories)
My cock head was now in Melissa and she was crying and I took another picture “Mr. C you took my virginity, please take it out, it’s wrong, you’re old enough to be my dad.” “Don’t cry honey, you’re going to enjoy this as soon as you get over me popping your cherry. I’m going to push it all the way in now. Spread your legs wide...Continue reading

Sexy Sisters And Mom (Reluctance Stories)
“Yes...take me all the way” She slowly took my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth before my head hit the back of her throat. Normally this is where most girls stop and jack me off till I cum but my sexy sister decided to go a step ahead. She took me deeper and deeper as she pressed her face into my stomach. I groaned as her throat…Continue reading

Making A Devil Out Of Me (Reluctance-Stories)
She knew how to please. She took even more of me in than when she was teasing me before. Her palm was still wrapped around the base of it, squeezing and tugging just right as her hot breath covered the rest of me. It didn’t take very long before I felt myself rising up and losing control. “Oh god, I’m- I’m going to…Continue reading

A Reluctant Daughter (Reluctance Stories)
“You like that don’t you Steph. Look how fucking big it is baby. You did this to me.” He grabbed my hand and forced it up and down his pole. “I was at work and all I could think about was your hot pussy. I had an erection all day because of you. You make me so hard you little slut. I know you want this cock before mom gets home…Continue reading

Forced Pleasure (Reluctance Stories)
“I will have what is mine.” He pushed his cock just barely into the small opening of her virgin opening. “You can take it with pain, or with pleasure, but either way you will take it.” With these words he shoved his huge cock deep into her virgin cunt. She screamed and bucked at the pain. He shouted his uncontrollable joy when he ripped…Continue reading

A Friendly Bet (Reluctance-Stories)
“I want it again.” she moaned. “I want you to fuck my ass again.” “Really,” I asked, sliding my finger in and out of her butt on a river of warm cum. “I thought you didn't like it?” “Just do it. Please! Fuck my ass! Fuck my dirty little cum filled asshole!” How could I resist. Withdrawing my finger, I positioned myself behind Jen…Continue reading

Forced Into Incest (Reluctance Stories)
Then two of the men moved David until his face was literally in his mother’s juicy pussy. He was pushed forward in a position from which he couldn’t move. He moaned as his lips touched his mother’s wet flesh. He had never eaten pussy, but had always wanted to. However, this wasn’t the way he wanted the first time to be…Continue reading

Stripping Anonymously For My Mother (Reluctance Stories)
Mom’s eyes were closed as I worked in and out of her ultra tight hole and I continued to stretch her out as my cock sank further with each thrust. Her pink flesh was like velvet vice on my shaft and it yielded willingly as I plumbed her depths but when I would pull back it seemed to resist fiercely any retreat by my hard length…Continue reading

The Dressing Room: Bred In The Mall (Reluctance-Stories)
Doing her best to relax so that she wouldn’t be too tight, Valerie began to try to work his head into her. It hurt. A lot. It was worse than when he had jammed three fingers in her, and it wasn’t even in yet. With as wet as she was, he should have just glided in, but he was so absurdly thick that she was afraid something was going to tear…Continue reading

Breeding Stock (Reluctance Stories)
I tried to deny the pleasure I felt as I drove towards our lust, but I couldn’t. It was so intense to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my cock. Then it changed, I felt her pussy begin to quiver around my cock. She let out a scream that sounded like the passion of an animal. Her whole body began to convulse beneath me…Continue reading

Forced To Fuck His Mom On Halloween (Reluctance Stories)
“Oh wow, she is dripping wet. I guess she likes you John!” Eric grabbed John’s right hand and pulled it towards him saying “John, you have to feel this.” Before he could protest, John felt the wet heat of his mom’s pussy against his fingers. His mother’s face was inches away from his and their eyes remained glued to each other…Continue reading

My Confession, A Love Forbidden (Reluctance-Stories)
I locked my lips with his foreskin and slid the head of his cock in my mouth, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. He slipped a finger into my wet pussy. I stopped licking for a moment as I shuddered. He began stroking his exposed shaft. I tasted the salty tang of precum as it oozed from his cock…Continue reading

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