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Maintaining long-term relationship satisfaction requires commitment from both partners working together to achieve longer lasting relationships. One person cannot do it alone as it takes two people to maintain a relationship. If one person does not have the desire to stay committed than it is very unlikely for the other person to achieve satisfaction in a relationship.

Most people have difficulty and guilt ending relationship that does not work out. As much as it hurt, it is better to end relationship that does not meet your satisfaction and develop new one that does.

Most relationships are not perfect and there will always be conflict but the challenge is learning to deal with conflict when it arises. Staying committed involve both partners learning to compromise when conflict arise and learning to communicate effectively with each other.

Couples who share common interest, value, and similar activities are more effective at communicating with each other. Learning to communicate effectively and providing affection for each other constantly helps maintain long-term relationship satisfaction.

According to the research conducted by Karney & Bradbury, characteristics of long lasting successful marriages include the following:

• Parents of both married couples had successful marriages.
• Married couples share common interest and attitudes.
• Married couples are happy with their sex lives.
• Married couples have steady income.
• Woman was not pregnant when the couple married.

Learning to love each other and accepting each other’s weaknesses helps to develop personal growth. Developing personal growth and learning to accept each other differences help to overcome many problems in relationships.

When couples initially fall in love based on infatuation, this type of love does not last long because is mainly based on romance and sexual desire without getting to know the person true character and overlook each other flaws. Couples who have known each other for short amount of time before engaging in sexual interaction experience short-term relationships.

However, infatuation can be transit into committed relationship if both couples want to achieve long-term relationships. Maintaining long-term relationships require effort and commitment from both partners learning to accept each other flaws and building relationships based on each other true character rather than infatuation. Couples who have known each other for long time before engaging in sexual interaction experience longer lasting relationships.

Engaging in spontaneous sexual encounter may help create sexual excitement from regular sexual routine or trying something new and different can also help maintain longer lasting relationship satisfaction. Everyone have different sets of value and sexual preference, the key is to communicate effectively with each other regarding your needs and wants to maintain satisfying relationships.

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