Relationship Issues – Can Men And Women Be Just Friends?

Sexual relationships create more relationship issues than friendly relationships. In general, men and women have different view on sex and love. Most women prefer love in sexual relationships and most men can get involved in sexual relationships without love. This does not mean men are not capable of love and affection, men enjoy love and affection as much as women.

The value we learn from society influence the way we think about sexuality. Everyone have different sets of value and each of us express differently in relationships. Some people get involved in sexual relationships for pleasure and excitement, some get involved sexually because they think they are in love, and others do so for procreation.

Some people do not get involved sexually because they are confused or uncomfortable in current relationship. Some people are just not ready to take this step and need more time before taking the relationship to the next level. If you don’t communicate with your partners regarding this may result in more relationship issues. Learning to communicate effectively and understanding each other’s problems may help to establish solid foundation in a relationship.

Relationship issues may occur when you only desire friendship but the other person desire sexual relationship with you. When this is not communicated earlier on it could cause confusion when the other person expects sexual interaction and you are only providing companionship and friendship.

According to national health and social life survey (NHSLS) investigation, sexual relation are less likely to occur among couples who have known each other for less than a month. The survey also indicate that couples who have known each other for less than a month before getting involved sexually tend to experience short-term relationships. Couples who waited longer before engaging in sexual interaction experience longer lasting relationships.

Most people experience difficulty with ending relationship that is not working out. People experience guilt when trying to end relationship and it is not a good idea to put it off as this creates more problems because it takes two people to maintain a relationship. The effective way to go about this is open communication and being honest with each other.

Rejection is also another relationship issues as some people experience fear of rejection. Learning to deal with rejection is the first step in developing relationship with others. Getting rejected has nothing to do with you and it simply mean your characteristic is not compatible with the other person. You also have the right to reject someone that does not match your characteristic.

Jealousy does occur in relationship and is caused by qualities we desire from others. Women are jealous of other women who are more beautiful and popular. Men are jealous of other men who have more wealth and power. Men and women experience jealousy in different ways, women are more open about their jealous feelings and men are more likely to deny them.

Woman blames themselves for her jealous behavior whereas man tends to blames woman for his jealous behavior. Women are more likely to provoke jealousy in their partner to get more attention and to increase her confidence. This also creates more problems and relationship issues because men and women respond differently to jealousy.

Most women respond to jealousy by becoming more attractive to her partner whereas men may respond by getting involved in affairs. Men are more likely to confront their partner with anger and violence whereas women tend to avoid violence.

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