Micropenis – Is Small Penis A Big Problem for Guys Freaking Out About Their Penis Size?

Some men suffered from a rare condition called micropenis or small penis.  Men with small penis measure less than 3 inches (7cm) when erect.  The average penis size measure 5 to 7 inches (12 to 17 cm) when erect.  The penis length is usually measure by stretching the flaccid penis gently and measurement is taken from the base of the pubic bone to the tip of the penis.

Micropenis is an abnormal condition that affects 0.6% of the men population.  The abnormal condition may be caused by genetic, androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS), or growth-hormone deficiency.  Infants affected with abnormal condition during pregnancy lack the hormones and testosterone necessary for normal penis growth.

When abnormal conditions are detected during pregnancy the infant can be treated with injections of hormones and testosterone to help induce penis growth.  Hormones and testosterone treatment can only help with small amount of growth but does not induce penis growth to normal size.  

When a penis appears too small to be seen or absent, the condition is called inconspicuous penis.  There are several forms of inconspicuous penis and these include webbed penis, buried penis, trapped penis, and absent penis.  Micropenis also falls into the inconspicuous penis category of small penis.

Webbed penis is a condition where the skin of the scrotal sac has connected to the shaft of the penis on the underside and pulls the penis inward.  

Buried penis also called hidden penis is a condition where the penis is hidden below the skin.  

Trapped penis is a condition where the penis is pulls into the pubic fat pad.

Absent penis is a condition where the scrotum and testicles fully developed, but the penis failed to develop.

Infant can develop webbed penis during pregnancy or the condition can be caused by routine circumcision.  Buried penis is caused by obesity when excessive fat tissues develop around the belly area and the flaccid penis becomes buried under the skin.  Infant do not develop trapped penis during pregnancy but the condition is caused by routine circumcision of webbed penis.  Absent penis is a very rare condition and the cause is unknown.

Webbed penis, buried penis, and trapped penis develop penis of normal size but the condition develop in each case caused the penis to appear small.  Webbed penis and trapped penis can be corrected with surgery.  Buried penis can be corrected by losing weight with healthy lifestyle.  Absent penis can be treated with artificial reconstruction of the penis by surgery.

Micropenis is the only condition that do not develop penis of normal size.  Surgery is not a good option to treat small penis that have already stop growing because it has been proven to be dangerous with high risk of complications.  However, based on the study published in the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI), non-surgical procedure that involves traction is the only penis enlarger technique that works to extend the length of small penis.

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