Male Orgasmic Disorder – Can’t Ejaculate During Sex

Male orgasmic disorder occurs when a man is unable to consistently achieve orgasm during sexual stimulation or when a man experience delay orgasm. Orgasmic disorder also affects the men’s ability to ejaculate during sexual intercourse and caused delay ejaculation.

Male orgasm and ejaculation may seem to occur simultaneously but these two processes do not take place at the same time. Male orgasm is caused by rapid muscle contraction in the pelvic accompany by feeling of intense pleasure and ecstasy. Ejaculation is the process where the semen is expelled through the penis by muscular contraction.

Male orgasmic disorder can be primary, secondary, situation, or general.

• Primary is lifelong where a man have never experience orgasm.

• Secondary is an acquired disorder where a man was able to achieve orgasm in the past but currently have lost the ability to achieve orgasm.

• Situational occur when a man is able to achieve orgasm in certain situation or with a certain partner.

• General is when a man is unable to achieve orgasm in any situations or with any partners.

In a sexual response cycle, a man begins with sexual interest that increases his sexual desire (Excitement Phase) for sexual activity which leads to sexual arousal (Plateau Phase). Therefore a man with orgasmic disorder is able to experience sexual desire and sexual arousal but he is unable to consistently achieve orgasm or he may experience delay orgasm which can lead to distress.

Orgasmic disorder caused distress in men because it can affect his sexual relationship and make him feel like a sexual failure for taking too long to achieve orgasm or for failing to achieve orgasm during sexual activity.

Almost all men experience orgasm (Orgasm Phase) after sexual arousal (Plateau Phase). Some men may ejaculate few seconds after orgasm and others may not experience ejaculation. Some men may be able to experience multiple orgasms with or without ejaculation. After ejaculation most men enters refractory period (Resolution Phase) where he is not able to have another orgasm within a short period of time.

Causes of Male Orgasmic Disorder

Orgasmic disorder in men can be caused by physical factor, psychological factor or both. Physical caused may include the following.

• Low testosterone level
• Nerve damage in the pelvic area
• Nerve damage caused by prostate surgery
• Genetic disorder
• Testicular disorder
• Penis disorder
• Diseases that affect the nervous system
• Certain prescribe medication
• Alcohol and drug abuse

Psychological caused may include the following

• Stress and anxiety
• Feeling of anger and fear
• Feeling of guilt and depression
• Relationship problems
• Unsatisfied sexual relationship
• Fear of sexually transmitted diseases
• Fear of unwanted pregnancy
• Religious beliefs
• Cultural beliefs
• Sexual taboos
• Sexual abuse
• Emotional abuse

Types of Treatment

Most of the time orgasmic disorders in men are caused by psychological factor rather than physical factor. This evidence is backed by the fact that men can experience orgasm during sleep without any physical stimulation accompany by involuntary ejaculation also known as “wet dream”.

Psychological caused may be treated with sex therapy, couples therapy or psychotherapy. Physical treatment involves identifying the root cause of the physical problem first before treatment can begins and it may also involve lifestyle changes such as exercising and healthy diet.

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