Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) – Truth About Intact Foreskin Vs Circumcision

Male genital mutilation also referred to as male circumcision is surgical procedure that removed part of the foreskin or the entire foreskin is completely removed from the penis. MGM has been practiced in many countries including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

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Muslims and Jews most commonly practiced MGM as part of their religious beliefs where the procedure is usually carried out during infancy. Other reasons behind the practiced of MGM include good hygiene, preventing sexually transmitted diseases, cultural tradition, and transition of boys into adulthood.

MGM procedure may be performed by health care practitioner or by traditional practitioner. The risk of infection is higher when the procedure is performed by traditional practitioner because the instruments used may not be properly sterilized and the same instruments may be used multiple times for different surgery which can also increase the risk of HIV infection.

There are four different types of MGM procedure that may be carried out and these include the following.

• Type 1 is surgical removal of part of the foreskin or the entire foreskin is completely removed.

• Type 2 is surgical removal of the glans or penis shaft.

• Type 3 is surgical removal of the testes.

• Type 4 may involve piercing or cutting of the foreskin, glans, or the scrotum.

Male genital mutilation can results in number of complication that can affect immediate health and cause long-term complication. Immediate complication caused by MGM may include severe pain, nerve destruction, infection, hemorrhage, shock, and injury to nearby tissue. Long-term complication may include severe scarring, loss of glans sensitivity, impotence, and painful intercourse. Some circumcised men also experienced feelings of anger, distrust, anxiety, depression, and problems with intimacy.

Some of the facts regarding the practiced of MGM are as follow.

• Baby feels pain during circumcision.
• Baby does not want to be circumcised.
• Foreskin is not a birth defect.
• There is no valid medical reason for circumcision.
• Maintaining and cleaning foreskin is easy.
• Circumcision does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
• MGM is cruel and violates a person’s rights to health.
• MGM is a violation of human rights and children should be protected from such act.

Anti-circumcision activists have campaign against such practiced to protect children from MGM whether the practiced is for culture or religious beliefs or for monetary gain. An estimated over 600 million boys and men have undergone some forms of MGM.

The practiced of female genital mutilation (FGM) is also very common in some part of the world which is based on cultural tradition and religious beliefs. FGM is a violation of human rights of young children, girl, and women. UN Agencies with the support of international and national organizations has set a goal to eliminate FGM globally within a generation.

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