Male Breasts Reduction – Gynecomastia Vs Fat Chest Solution

Male breasts reduction is surgical removal of excess breast tissues or fatty tissues in male with enlarged breasts. Enlarged breast is the result of gynecomastia, a condition that caused excess growth of breast tissues in male. However, for men who are overweight may experience pseudogynecomastia, a condition caused by the deposit of fatty tissues over the breast area that lead to enlarged breast.

There are several factors that can cause enlarged breast in male and these may include imbalance hormone level, overweight, anabolic steroids, certain medications, genetic disorders, testicular cancer, liver disease, kidney failure, alcohol, marijuana, and drug abuse.

Gynecomastia is common among young boys going through puberty and usually the problems go away overtime without treatment. Surgery is never recommended for young boys to remove excess breast tissues or fatty tissues because they are still in the physical development stage and the surgery performed may not be effective.

If enlarged breast is caused by overweight, the process can be reversed by changing to healthy lifestyle with healthy diet and regular exercise. If enlarged breast is caused by anabolic steroids, medications, alcohol, marijuana and drug abuse, the process may be reversed by discontinued use of these substances. Men who developed enlarged breast that do not go away may consider male breasts reduction to reduce the breast size.

There are two types of surgery for male breasts reduction and these include liposuction and mastectomy.

Liposuction is surgical procedure that removes excess fatty tissues over the breast area. Mastectomy is surgical procedure that removes excess breast tissues. The surgery involves making a small incision around the areola to remove excess breast tissues. Depending on the types of surgery the incision can also be made from the side and bottom of the breast. This type of surgery required less recovery time because small incision is used.

The incision around the areola is less visible because the scar blends in with the darker skin of areola. The scar on the side of the breast is visible where as the scar under the breast is hidden and not easily visible.

In some cases where large amount of breast tissues and fatty tissues have been removed, excess amount of skin tissues also need to be removed to adjust to smaller and flatter breast.

Some of the risks associated with this type of surgery may include infection, excessive bleeding, skin injury, accumulation of fluid, excessive fluid loss, scarring, breast numbness, asymmetrical breasts and nipples. In most cases when this complication arises, a second surgery is required to correct the tissue.

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