Intimate Relationships – Boy's Emotional Sweet & Sincere Audition About His Love

Developing intimate relationships with others begins with self love. You need to feel positive about yourself before you can develop relationship with others. When you feel secured about yourself you feel more confident about developing intimacy with others.

Everyone’s experience in relationship is different because we all come from different background with different sets of value. Children who grew up from loving family have different sets of value than children who were sexually abused.

Each of us has our own definition of intimacy that allows us to connect closely with others that does not necessary have to do with sexual intimacy. Intimacy can also take the form of caring, trusting, affection, or playfulness.

There is no one solution that helps fix every relationship problems. Every relationship has different problems and you have to discover the root cause of your problem and take responsibility on working towards solution to achieve more satisfying intimate relationships.

In general there are seven phases in a relationship. The seven phases are inclusion, response, care, trust, affection, playfulness, and sexual intimacy. These are general phases of relationship and do not necessarily occur exactly in that pattern because relationships are unpredictable and anything can happen.


Inclusion is the first step we take in getting to know and meet others that we like. This can be as simple as acknowledging the other person, showing interest, making eye contact, smiling, or being friendly.


The way you response to others is important in furthering the relationship. When you response negatively by ignoring others and showing no interest, this may discourage further interaction from others. When you response positively by acknowledging others and showing interest, this may encourage further interaction from others.


When we genuinely care about someone we love we would do anything to make the other person feel happy. This also involves caring for others in good time and bad time which also help to develop strong bond for each other.


Long-term relationship is based on trust and both partners have to trust each other completely to maintain healthy relationship. Trust allow both partners to stay together to develop more meaningful intimate relationships.


When we love someone we care about we express our affection by simple touching, holding hands, hugging, or caressing the other person. Intimacy does not always have to be sexual because we can use affection to express our emotion and be close to someone we love.


We can develop intimate relationships with others by having fun together or simply enjoying good laugh with each other. Playfulness allows us to be close to someone without involving sex.

Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy allows us to express our feelings through sex involving deep emotional connection that create strong emotional bond and closeness with each other. Sex is important in relationship because it allows us to express our emotion at a deeper level and we can enjoy each other through sexual intimacy.

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