Interracial Dating Stereotypes, Myths, & The Truth If You Will…

Interracial dating stereotypes, myths, and the truth.  Does every man from different races only desire to date Asian babes?  Are Latinas extremely hypersexual?  Why Jewish girls can’t resist these things?  What are the differences between Asian guys vs. Caucasian guys?  Discover the myths about black men and white women, common myths about black woman and white man, myths about Asian women and white men. 

Crazy Myths About Latina Sexuality (Truth Or Interracial Dating Stereotypes)
Hollywood and the media have done a great job in portraying Latina sexuality that has created many misconceptions about Latina and our expectation of how a Latina should be.  What you see so often in movies and MTV are perceived to be reality when is not.  How does this translate to dating a Latina?  Well this is simple, cut the crazy and misconception when you put your focus on the person you’re dating instead of thinking her as a Latina.  Here are the crazy myths about Latina sexuality…

Everyone Wants To Date Asian Babes (Myth Or Truth)
What’s the deal with Asian babes and why are so many men from different races preferred to date Asian babes over other races.  Is the just a myth or the truth?  According to dating app AYI (Are You Interested), decided to prove this theory by analyzing data from two million users, and this is what the data reveal based on how men respond to different ethnicity…Continue reading

Things Jewish Girls Can’t Resist (Truth Or Interracial Dating Stereotypes)
Whether these things are specific to the Jewish girls or simply freedom of expression from a person point of view, you be the judge of that.  Some people think this is rubbish and shallow, and typical racial stereotyping of Jewish girls.  Are Jewish girls really shallow and boring because of some of the things mentioned on the list?  See for yourself here…Continue reading

Difference Between Dating Asian Guy Vs Caucasian Guy
What is the difference between Asian guys vs Causian guys when it comes to dating?  Do women of all races including Asian women considered Asian men to be less attractive?  Does Asian culture have any influence on how he acts socially while dating on in a relationship?  Last but not least is it harder for Asian men to date outside their race?  Here are the differences between dating Asian guy vs a Caucasian guy…Continue reading 

Myths About Black Men And White Women
Are black women threatened by white women because white women are much more attractive, and more black men are now dating white women?  Black men are less likely to date black women because black women come with a lot of baggage?  Most rich and famous black men tend to date and marry women outside their race.  Whether these are the truth or just the myth, see for yourself here…Continue reading

Common Myths About Black Woman And White Man (Truth Or Interracial Dating Stereotypes)
There are lots of assumptions that go on inside a person’s head when they see a black woman with a white man.  Are they dating or are they just friends?  Why is she with a white guy and not with a black guy? Why is he with a black woman and not with a white woman?  What does she sees in him?  These are just some of the general assumptions about black woman with a white man.  Here are the common myths about black woman with a white man…Continue reading  

Myths About Asian Women And White Men
These myths and misconception about Asian women derived from research and interview with men from different ethnicities and different age group ranging from aging white men to younger black men and Latinos who desire Asian women.  A Chinese woman was also interviewed as part of this research and based on the stories they shared, here are the common myths and misconceptions about Asian women…Continue reading

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