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Gay dating advice.  How to get the hot guy of your dreams, How to date younger guys, Do newly out gay men make good boyfriends, What you should know about dating bad boy, Types of gay men you can never date, Types of gay guys you will encounter before meeting ‘The One’, Why are so many gay men single, How to succeed in finding Mr. Right.

How To Get The Hot Guy Of Your Dreams (Gay Dating Advice)
Everyone desire beauty because this is so embedded in our culture and whether you like it or not we see it all the time in the media and magazines.  Beautiful and hot people look so happy and appealing every time we see them on commercial, MTV, movies, or sitcom.  This gets embedded in our head and become the things we want.  First you need to understand why you desire beauty, and here’s how to get the guy of your dreams…(Link Removed) 

How To Date Younger Guys  (Gay Dating Advice)
Dating younger guys are almost the same as dating someone your own age.  You may have doubt because you have no experience dating younger guys and you wonder whether flirting with younger guys would be any different than flirting with someone your own age.  The fact is you’ve been around the block a few times so you already have the experience in dating, and here are important tips to keep in mind when dating a younger guy…Continue reading

Do Gay Men Just Coming Out Of The Closet Make Good Boyfriends
According to one professional life coach, anyone who just comes out of the closet is running high on emotions and if you happen to be dating one of them this is actually a bonus because soon you’ll find out who they really are very quickly.  Keep this in mind just because someone is high on emotions doesn’t mean they are not capable of dating at the moment, and here are more reasons why you should date newly out gay guy…Continue reading

What You Should Know About Dating Bad Boy
Why are gay men falling for bad boys?  What is it about bad boys that make them so different from other gay guys?  Most gay men wants to feel wanted and most importantly they want to feel wanted by someone perceived of higher values in their eyes.  The questions is does it ever works out when falling for bad boys?  Here’s what you should know about dating bad boy…Continue reading

Types Of Men You Can Never Date (Gay Dating Advice)
Dating can be fun and exciting when you’re not looking for attachment and just want to have good time.  However, when you’re ready to settle down and looking for Mr. Right there are certain types of men you should avoid dating and here’s why you can never date these men…Continue reading

Types Of Gay Men You Will Encounter Before Meeting ‘The One’
When you set out on the quest to finding ‘The One’ you’ll have the opportunity to date and meet different types of people from different walk of life.  You may be lucky and find ‘The One’ right away after few dates or it may take you a little longer to meet ‘The One’ after many more dates.  However long it takes here are the types of gay men you will encounter in your journey…Continue reading

Why Are So Many Gay Men Single (Gay Dating Advice)
Do gay men really have problems with finding Mr. Right?  Or is there something more complicated that’s preventing gay men from meeting Mr. Right?  Are gay men wire differently than straight women in terms of sexual and emotional attraction that may be causing this problem?  Here are the reasons why so many gay men are single…Continue reading

How To Succeed In Finding Mr. Right
This can be tricky if you don’t know what you want.  When you stay focus and know exactly the types of man you want in terms of what he looks like and the types of personality you want him to have then you’ve a starting point, and here are great tips to follow on how to succeed in finding Mr. Right…Continue reading

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