Types Of Facelift (Before & After Photos)

Types of facelift. Here you’ll discover, Composite face lift (before & after photos), Traditional full face lift (before & after photos), Mini face lift or quick lift (before & after photos), Mid face lift (before & after photos), Lower face lift (before & after photos), Endoscopic face lift (before & after photos), Liquid face lift (before & after photos).

Composite Facelift (Before & After Photos)
Composite face lift is a next generation alternative to traditional face lift.  The procedure takes longer to perform with longer recovery time, but you get more natural looking and longer lasting results.  Here’re composite face lift patients before and after photos, patient had high forehead lowered a bit, patient with higher cheek mass and smooth under-eye contour one year after composite face lift…Continue reading

Traditional Full Face Lift (Before & After Photos)
Traditional full face lift is a procedure designed to address multiple signs of aging from the forehead to the neck and all areas in between.  Traditional face lift restores the face to a more youthful appearance by addressing the changes caused by gravity and volume loss.  The procedure should be tailored specifically for you whether adding volume or elevating the cheek area...(Link Removed)

Mini Facelift Or Quick Lift (Before & After Photos)
Mini face lift (Quick Lift) uses limited incision to minimize scar and is more ideal for patients looking for quick lift such as Lower eye lift, Fat transfer (brows), Chemical peel (eyes), Permanent fillers (lips), Neck liposuction, Fat transfer (chin), Submental tuck, Jowl liposuction, Here’re quick lift (before & after photos)…Continue reading

Mid Face Lift (Before & After Photos)
Mid face lift similar to mini face lift uses limited incision to minimize scar.  The procedure is only performed on the mid-section of the face to create a more youthful appearance.  The mid face lift may also include brow lift, laser skin tightening, jaw line tightening, neck lifting, volume lift on cheek area, Here’re mid face lift (before & after photos)…(Link Removed)

Lower Facelift (Before & After Photos)
Lower face lift is a procedure performed to tighten the skin of the lower face or jowls.  The procedure can also be combined with neck lift or traditional full face lift.  Patient with lower face lift allows for great improvement for the neck, patient had a deep plane lower face lift to correct her neck, Here’re lower face lift (before & after photos)…Continue reading

Endoscopic Face Lift (Before & After Photos)
Endoscopic face lift uses a special instrument called an endoscope through limited incision to minimize scar.  The procedure can only improve small area of the skin being treated.  The procedure performed can include forehead lift, upper eye lift, lower eye lift, neck lift, cheek lift, Here’re endoscopic face lift (before & after photos)…(Link Removed)

Liquid Face Lift (Before & After Photos)
Liquid face lift is a great alternative for those who’re hesitant to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery.  Liquid face lift uses Botox and Dermal Fillers to get rid of lines and wrinkles.  The fillers work by plumping up the skin tone and smoothing out wrinkles.  Here’re liquid face lifts (before & after photos)...(Link Removed)
Here’s more information on different types of dermal fillers...Continue reading
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