Dating Advice For Women – How To Date Hot Guys, Young Guys, Successful Guys & Get Him To Commit

Dating advice for women.  Dating advice on how to date hot guys, young guys, successful guys, how to create deep emotional connection, how to get him to kiss you first, when should you sleep with him, which guys makes the best boyfriend, how to get him to commit, finding Mr. Right and much more.

How To Date Hot Guys (Dating Advice For Women)
According to one girl you don’t have to be beautiful to date hot guys and there’s nothing stopping you from dating hot guys.  However, there’s stuff you need to know because dating hot guys are not the same as dating…Continue reading 

How To Create Deep Emotional Connection With A Guy
Creating deep emotional connection with a guy begins with communication.  You can bring him closer by using the right words spoken from the right place in your heart at the right moment. Here’s how to use the right words to create deep emotional…Continue reading

How To Get A Guy To Kiss You Without Seem Too Easy
This can be tricky because when a guy really likes you he may take things slow and not rush to make a move on you.  However, if you like him a lot and you feel he likes you just as much, here’s how to get him to kiss you without seem too easy…Continue reading

When Should You Sleep With A Guy (Dating Advice For Women)
You are new to the dating scene or you haven’t been dating a lot since your last relationship ended.  You’re now dating a new guy and you like to know when it’s appropriate to sleep with him and after how many dates.  Here’s the number of dates you need to wait before…

What Types of Guys Makes The Best Boyfriend
There are great guys out there who makes great boyfriend.  When you’re dating a potential great guy you have to be great yourself if you want to bring out the best in other people.  Here are the types of guys that make the best boyfriend…Continue reading

How To Get A Guy To Commit
You’re dating this amazing guy for a while now and everything about the relationship is great except he won’t commit exclusively to you.  Guys evaluate a relationship based on how he feels in the moment, so instead of focusing on how to get him to commit, focus on…Continue reading

Guys You Date Before Finding Mr. Right (Dating Advice For Women)
The truth is there are number of dates you’ll go on before meeting your Mr. Right.  On a positive note, going on multiple dates you’ll gain confidence and experience interacting with different types of men.  On the other hand these are the types of guys you’ll meet first before…Continue reading

Why You Should Date An Athlete
Beside the physical attributes and healthy life styles of an athlete there are so many positive attributes an athlete possessed.  Here are 7 reasons why you should date an athlete…Continue reading

Types Of Guys You Should Never Date
Dating is fun when you’re in great relationship with a great guy.  No one wants to be in a bad relationship, but this can also happen when you’re head-over-heel in love and miss the warning signs early on during your dates.  Here are the warning signs and 10 types of guys you should never…Continue reading

Why You Should Date A Younger Guy  (Dating Advice For Women)
If you’re a single lady who is open to the possibilities of finding young love than by all means go for it.  Your age should not be a factor if you’re looking for someone to connect with who shares similar interests.  Here are 8 reasons why you should date a younger guy…Continue reading 

Why You Should Date A Single Dad
Dating single dad can be a challenge but not impossible if you really like him because the situations of a single dad may not be exactly what you imagined to be like.  Here are 15 reasons why you should date a single dad…Continue reading  

How To Date A Successful Guy
Dating is about finding the right guy you can connect with physically and emotionally.  Your main intention is finding love, and if your potential loves interest happens to be rich and successful than more brownie points to you.  Here are great tips on how to date a successful guy…Continue reading

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