Dating Advice For Men – How To Date Hot Women, Young Women, Stripper, Asian Girls…

Dating advice for men.  Dating advice on how to date hot women, how to date younger women, what qualities makes great girlfriend, women you should never date, why you should date a crossfit girl, what you should know about dating kinky girls and tattoo chicks, how to date successful women, and much more.

How To Date Hot Women
Dating hot women is not always about good look and money (bonus if you have all that), but it’s also about treating her indifferently and with respect.  Here are great hot tips on dating hot women...Continue reading

How To Date Younger Women
Most Guys date younger women because they want to be in the company of young beautiful women.  Most guys enjoy the fun and youthful energy young women bring into the relationship.  Here’s how to date younger women…Continue reading

How To Date A Stripper For Fun (Dating Advice For Men)
Dating stripper is a fun way to learn how to become good at dating real women.  Dating strippers are usually more challenging because of the complications they are in and if you can overcome that you’re half way there.  Here’s what you should know about dating a stripper…Continue reading

How To Date Asian Girls
So you have a thing for Asian Girls and you want an Asian girlfriend.  Whatever your thing is, here’s how to date Asian Girls and no matter what you do, don’t...(Link Removed)

What Qualities Makes Great Girlfriend And Wife Material
This is for guys who are afraid of commitments and fear life would become boring once you settle down.  On a positive note, there are great woman out there who makes great girlfriend and wife.  Here are 25 qualities that make a great…Continue reading

Types Of Women You Should Never Date (Dating Advice For Men)
Dating is about experimenting and sampling if you just want to have good time and not ready to settle down.  Dating is also about finding the one when you’re ready to settle down.  There are few bad apples out there you should avoid, and here are the 8 types of women you should never…Continue reading

Why You Should Date A CrossFit Girl
You’re in amazing shape and you’re looking for someone who have the same in common and value fitness as much as you, your best bet is to date a crossfit girl.  Here are 10 reasons why…Continue reading

How To Date College Girls
You are in your college years and there are so many beautiful girls around that you desire to hook up with and sample.  By all means date your life away, and here are 10 ways how you should not date college girls…Continue reading

What You Should Know About Dating Kinky Girls
If you desire dating kinky girls or dating one right now, you can get the most fun and good time out of this experience by treating her right.  Here’s how to go about dating kinky girls successfully…(Link Removed)

Are Tattoo Chicks Wild & Crazy In Bed (Dating Advice For Men)
You’re interested in this chick and she happens to have tattoos and piercings on certain part of her body.  You’re wondering whether tattoo chick likes it hard and rough, or prefer soft and sensual love making.  Here’s is the answer to this question…Continue reading

How To Date Successful Women
Keep this in mind successful women are still women with feelings and emotions like the rest of us.  Treat her like you would treat every other woman you care about and respect.  The little small things you do from the heart are more important to her, and here are few good tips for dating successful women…Continue reading

How To Date Single Moms Successfully
Dating single moms is not the same as dating single women.  Single moms have many things going on in their lives with duties and responsibilities for their children.  Single moms still want a man in their lives, and here’s how you can become that man for her by…Continue reading

How To Date An Older Women (Dating Advice For Men)  
This is coming from an older woman who has dated younger men for quite awhile.  She has great tips and suggestions for guys who love dating older women.  Here are 20 great tips for dating older women…Continue reading

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