Cordyceps Sinensis Potent Sexual Herbs for Men and Women

Cordyceps Sinensis are potent sexual herbs that can enhance sexual function in both men and women.  This particular type of Cordyceps is found in the cold region of the Himalayan Mountains and Tibetan plateau region.   In Chinese medicine Cordyceps have been used as natural remedy to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.  Cordyceps have also been used in Chinese medicine to treat kidney disease, heart disease, lung disease, improving immune system, and inhibiting cancerous cell growth.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus that contains many active ingredients with many health benefits.  Cordyceps is not only used as potent sexual herbs it can also be used to improve overall health and vitality.  Due to the effectiveness and potency of such valuable herbs Cordyceps have been cultivated for commercial use to meet increase demand.  

Cordyceps improve sexual function by increasing blood circulation in the body. Cordyceps relaxed smooth muscles of the blood vessels causing it to dilate and increased blood flow to the heart which improves blood circulation in the body.  Cordyceps can increase libido and sexual desire in both men and women caused by increased blood flow to the genitals.  

Cordyceps can be used to increase sperm count and sperm motility in men.  Cordyceps can also be used to improve fertility in women.  In Chinese medicine Cordyceps have been used as natural remedy to treat erectile dysfunction.   

There are many benefits from using Cordyceps other than improving sexual function and treating sexual dysfunction.  Taking Cordyceps can also help to lower blood pressure, regulate cholesterol level, balance endocrine hormone level, reduces fatigue, increases energy, increases endurance, fights infections, and promotes anti-aging.

For commercial use Cordyceps is cultivated in controlled environment and harvested as mushrooms which can be sold to consumers, or further processed into powder in pill form and liquid form that are sold on the market as herbal supplement.  

There are also imitator herbs sold on the market that are not genuine quality of Cordyceps Sinensis.  Even though Cordyceps have not been evaluated by the FDA manufacturers are required by laws to print ingredients facts on the label so consumer knows exactly what they are purchasing.

Cordyceps can be used safely for long period of time and can be taken at a dose of 1.5 grams to be affective.  Most bottle capsules comes with recommended dosages, however the liquid form are more concentrated and taken at lower dosages.

There are more benefits and very little known side effects regarding the use of Cordyceps, however you should always consult with your physician first before taking this potent herb.

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