Cellulite Treatment You Never Knew About (Before & After Photos)

Cellulite treatment. Here you’ll discover, Types of cellulite you never knew about, Endermologie treatment (before & after photos), Cellulaze treatment (before & after photos), SmoothShapes treatment (before & after photos), VelaShape treatment for cellulite reduction, VelaSmooth treatment for cellulite reduction, Cellulite reduction with home remedies.  Read patient’s reviews on which treatment actually works and which doesn’t and also take a look at before and after photos of each treatment where applicable.

Types Of Cellulite You Never Knew About
There are different types of cellulite and you need to understand the type of cellulite and the stage of its development before you begin any kind of treatment.  There are different treatments for different types of cellulite and some treatments may or may not work.  When confused always speak to the specialist first and read the reviews for each treatment below.  First learn about the different types of cellulite…Continue reading

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment (Before & After Photos)
Endermologie is a massage treatment using special roller device that rolls over and suck gently on the skin surface to break down fat and cellulite.  Some patient claim Endermologie treatment helped with shaping, toning and reducing cellulite.  Some patient claim the treatment did not improve cellulite, skin texture, or skin tightening.  See more patients review here…(Link Removed)
Here’re Endermologie treatments (before & after photos)…

Cellulaze Treatment (Before & After Photos)
Cellulaze is a minimally invasive laser procedure that reduces cellulite with long-lasting results from a single treatment.   Some patient claim cellulaze treatment was worth it and happy with the results and other patient do not feel the same way.  Some patient complains about the short-term and long-term side effects from cellulaze treatment…(Link Removed)
Here’re cellulaze treatments (before & after photos)…(Link Removed)

SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment (Before & After Photos)
Smooth Shapes treatment uses a combination of laser, light energy, suction, and massage for reducing cellulite.  According to plastic surgeon there is no cure for cellulite and maintenance treatments may be necessary for treating cellulite.  Here’re opinions from different plastic surgeon on SmoothShapes treatment…(Link Removed)
Here’re SmoothShapes treatments (before & after photos)…

VelaShape Treatment For Cellulite Reduction
VelaShape treatment uses a combination of infrared light energy, bipolar radio frequency, vacuum, and massage rollers for reducing cellulite.  You’ve the option to choose one long treatment session or three shorter sessions.  Before you decide about VelaShape treatment read the patient’s reviews here…(Link Removed)

VelaSmooth Treatment For Cellulite Reduction
VelaSmooth treatment similar to VelaShape treatment also uses a combination of infrared light energy, bipolar radio frequency, vacuum, and massage rollers for reducing cellulite.  VelaSmooth and VelaShape treatment can also be used to contour areas of the body more resistant to diet and exercise.  Read patient’s reviews on VelaSmooth treatment for cellulite reduction…(Link Removed)

Cellulite Treatment With Home Remedies
Now that you had a chance to review most of the professional treatments for reducing cellulite and if for some reasons professional treatment doesn’t appeal to you, there’re number of home remedies such as healthy diet, do-it-yourself remedies, anti-cellulite training program, and other powerful ways of fighting cellulite…Continue reading

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