Breast Self Exams – How to Examine Your Breast

The combination of breast self exams and routine exams by health care practitioner on a monthly basis is the best method of early detection and prevention of breast cancer or lumps. 

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The Breast

Breasts are not considered internal or external female genitalia but a physical characteristic that distinguishes male from female.  The breasts are composed of internal fatty tissue and mammary glands.  The size and shape of the breast varies from woman to woman and normally one breast is slightly larger than the other.  

Women are able to develop breasts because of high amount of estrogen.  Estrogen is a female growth hormone that controls the development of female characteristics including the breast.  Some men may also develop enlarged breasts known as Gynecomastia.  This condition is caused by imbalance hormone production when the man produces more estrogen than testosterone.

The nipple is at the center of the areola the darker area of the breast that contains sebaceous glands which lubricates the nipples during breast feeding.  The breast and nipple provides wonderful pleasure for many women when stimulated during masturbation or sexual activity.  Some women may feel unpleasant to touch or stimulation of their breast during masturbation or sexual interaction.

How to Examine Your Breast

You can examine your breast by standing before a mirror.  First, you inspect your breast with arms on you sides.  Next, raise your arm over your head and look at the contour of each breast to look for any sign of swelling, dimpling or changes in the nipples.  

You can also examine your breast by lying down with a pillow under your shoulder.  Begin by placing your right hand behind your head as this distributes the breast tissue evenly on your chest.  Using your left hand with fingers flat and pressing gently at the outer most top of your right breast and move your fingers in a circular motion.  It’s normal if you feel a firm tissue in the lower curve of each breast.  Keep moving your fingers in a circular motion on every part of your breast, including the nipple.  

Repeat the same procedure for your left breast and finally squeeze the nipple of each breast and make a note of any discharge.  During the breast exam if you discovered any unusual lumps or swelling on the breast and any discharge of fluids clear or bloody from the nipples should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Make breast self exams your habit to detect any forms of breast lumps and to prevent breast cancers from developing or spreading to surrounding breast tissues.

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