Types Of Acne Treatments (Before & After Photos)

Acne treatments. Here you’ll discover, Topical treatments for acne, Oral acne medications (pros & cons), Acne therapy with lights and lasers being investigated, Chemical peel treatments for acne (before & after photos), Does LED light treatments work on acne, Acne therapy (before & after photos), Laser treatments for acne scars, Laser acne scar removal (before & after photos).

Topical Acne Treatments
There’re number of topical treatment for acne such as cream, gel, lotion, and solution for different skin types.  If you’ve dry or sensitive skin cream treatment can be your option whereas for oily skin gel treatment may be better because it has a drying effect.  Some formulations can cause skin irritation, the liquid formulations can be more irritating than the cream.  For more details here’re the lists of topical treatments for acne…Continue reading

Oral Acne Medications (Pros & Cons)
Oral acne medications (antibiotics) can be used to treat certain types of acne from within.  Oral antibiotics work by reducing the number of bacteria that cause acne.  Oral antibiotics also work by reducing inflammation and preventing breakouts by regulating the production and shedding of skin cells.  Here’re the most frequently used oral acne medications with pros & cons…Continue reading
Here’re more oral antibiotics for acne treatment…Continue reading  

Chemical Peel Treatments For Acne (Before & After Photos)
Chemical peel can also be used to treat acne and scars from past acne, see the before and after photos.  Read story of a patient who was treated with Glycolic acid peel for acne after failed attempt from over-the-counter skin therapy.  Also question regarding 20% Salicylic peel for mild acne answered by doctor.  Here’s the information on chemical peel…Continue reading

Acne Treatments With Lights & Lasers Being Investigated
There’re number of lights and lasers treatment being investigated for treating acne.  There’re five different types of light and laser sources being investigated and these include; Blue and red light sources, Green light lasers, Yellow light lasers, Intense pulse light (IPL) sources, Radio frequency (RF) devices, and here’re the results…Continue reading

Does LED Light Treatments Work On Acne
One patient asked whether LED light treatments work on acne.  Different doctor responded with different answer regarding which LED light treatment is more effective including the cost and duration of the treatments.  There’re some similarities among some doctors claiming certain LED light treatments works better than other…(Link Removed)

Acne Treatment Therapy (Before & After Photos)
Acne therapy patients before and after photos.  Some patients were treated with Photodynamic therapy, some patient were treated with Acleara acne clearing system, some patient were treated with Isolaz treatments, in general these treatments uses light therapy and suction to clean the skin and kill bacteria that cause acne…(Link Removed)

Laser Treatments For Acne Scars
There’re different types of acne scars that can be treated with different types of laser treatment. 
Some of the most common acne scars include Ice pick, Boxcar, and Rolling.  Less common acne scars include Hypertropic and Hyperpigmentation (not acne scars).  See acne scars pictures here…Continue reading
Here’re different types of laser treatments for acne scars…Continue reading
Here’re The Best Laser Treatment For Acne Scars (Doctor’s Opinion)…(Link Removed)

Laser Acne Scar Removal (Before & After Photos)
Laser acne scar removal patients before and after photos.  According to this laser clinic further treatment can be expected as many “After” photos were taken after only a few treatments.  The after photos look really impressive, see all the pictures here…Continue reading

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