Uncle Frazer: A Gay Secret Part 2

by Hurtley Drew

Waking up to a muscle hairy man got sexier and sexier every morning. After three months we moved to one bed. It was hot, every night, being spooned by a huge hunky and incredibly handsome man. Living with Frazer has been amazing. Every morning he would rub my back and warmed me with his buff body. When we climb out of bed he kisses me from behind and we watch each other changing into our clothes for the day. Then we would kiss and head to work.

He drove his swift Jaguar and I walked down to the hipster cafe just near the Chrysler Building and began my day of work. But getting home was the best part. I'd get home before Frazer and begin cooking. I always knew how to cook but the last few months in New York have me so much experience with chicken, beef and types of salads. He arrived home one night and I knew something was different. He was yelling to his phone, angry and clearly in an intense range.

I set the dinner onto the table and sat down on the lounge. I waited for him to talk to me. Instead he continued to yell on the phone between mouthfuls of spaghetti bolognaise. Once he had finished his meal he said a 'hi' and went to bed. I gave him time. I knew he needed time. After about an hour of Netflix, a shower, shave and personal hygiene I finally went to bed.

Reaching the room it was so dark, I could slightly see the outline of the bed and the ensuite door. I slipped between the silk sheets and the mattress and laid down. Frazer moved, he must've not been able to sleep yet. He moved close to me. His hard muscles pressing into me with force. His arms wrapped around me tightly and I felt his hard man meat pressing between my ass cheeks.

He moaned then moved his body over the top of me. His arms pressed against the back of my neck as his hips retorted on my ass. He slowly slipped his cock into my hole and a moan escaped my mouth. His arms cane over my neck and he squeezed gently, getting harder. His thrusting got faster and my ass cheeks began to sting as he slapped his hips against me.

He pulled my head up near his. My back arching deeply and groans and moans deeply. He fucked me harder and harder grunting and yelling in a hot manly rage. My cock had gotten hot and long and I could feel myself get close to my orgasm. He laid down on top of me his arms and hands over mine. He fucked me harder and my meat let out its seed.

He moaned with masculine musk. Then finally his meat released a shot inside my ass. Then as quickly as the sexual encounter started he slipped out of me and spooned me once again. "I love you Mark. Thank you" his hairy arms came across my chest and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

Part 3

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