Uncle Frazer: A Gay Secret Part 3

by Hurtley Drew (Australia)

The morning after they say is the one of regret but fuck. My ass felt the best it ever had. It had been stretched and deeply fucked from Frazers aggressive thrusting. I moved the silk sheets from the bed, sitting on the edge I look out at the city through the window. The spot where Frazer sleeps lays empty the sheets messy, a note sat on my bedside table it read: "Thank you for last night, had to leave early. I'll see your sweet ass tonight babe."

I smile at his note placing it back on my table. I stood slowly and wandered to the shower. I turned on the taps, waiting for the warmth to come. I stepped in and began cleaning, I got distracted at my ass. I slipped one finger into my hole, feeling around for my prostate. I imagined Frazer being behind me deep inside my hole feeling me with his meat. I have to stop and clean myself, so I finish up and get changed.

Most of the morning consisted of cleaning the house, washing dishes, making the bed, laundry and some leisure. It starts to get late and I have the urge to work out. I wander down the road, exercise clothes on my body and a water bottle in my hand. I walk into the gym, I smile at the man at the desk and he nods back at me.

I begin my workout. I heavily focused on my ass, Frazer loves my ass. Deep squats and other exercises made my ass grow and grow. Im in the middle of a weight bearing deep squat when I catch the eye of a man, his eyes feel up my body lingering on my thick ass. He winks and nods towards the locker room. I know what he is implying.

Frazer always said that if a man wants to fuck with me then sure but if he fucks better than him I have to bring him home. So I follow the mystery man to the locker room. He walks in a shower stall and disappears, I follow close behind and walk in. He locks the cubical. He is young, about 25. His body is thick his pecs clearly defined and poking out the side of his narrow tank top. He swiftly removes his clothes revealing a tight Andrew Christian Trophy Boy jockstrap holding his thick cock like a prize.

"I'm going to be real honest, I need a quick release and you are the hottest guy in this gym. I'll fuck you like never before" I threw my clothes to the ground and put my knees up onto the bench beside the shower grabbing the top of the cubical and arching my back. He slapped my ass hard then dropped down his jock. He quickly slipped on a condom and slapped my hole with his meat.

"In I go" he presses the head of his cock into my ass giving me a sudden push of pleasure. His cock isn't as big as Frazers but it still felt great. He slowly pushes into me his head delving deep into my bubble ass. I open my legs wider apart opening up for him. He begins to pound me hard, causing the cubical wall to shake. His skin slaps deeply on me resonating with his deep masculine moans that turn me on so hard.

He gets faster, clutching his hand on my shoulders thrust his muscles hard against me. He bites my ear moaning deep into my mind. "I'm gonna cum! FUCK" he pushes deep as his body writhers and shakes with pleasure, I wish I felt his cum shoot into me. He pulls out slowly, taking off his condom. "Can you clean me up real quick? I need to go."

As I bend down to clean his thick cock he grabs my phone from my pile of clothes and puts in his number, "Call me whenever you want, your a fucking dream" he smiles down at me as I lick the remaining cum from his meat. I stand up and peck him on the lips before he leaves the cubical and disappears into the gym. I look down at my phone, so his name is Marcell.


That's the end of part 3. Tune in for part 4 where Marcell will join Frazer and Mark.

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