Uncle Frazer: A Gay Secret Part 1

by Hurtley Drew

I had always seen Uncle Frazer as Hot. I moved in with him after my nineteenth birthday, the day I came out and the day my parents disowned me. But I loved that day. I finally freed myself from the burden that I kept secret in my mind. But moving in with my uncle was the best thing I could have done. He invited me in straight away. I remember how it went. I had just flown in from Toronto to New York and my Uncle was here to get me.

"Hey! There is my favorite nephew!" he embraced me deeply. I could feel his muscles against me, his pecs, his abs. And his huge arms hooked around me, keeping me close. I smiled greatly.

"Thanks Frazer, so great of you to have me" we separate from the embrace and he leads me forward, I had just grabbed my bags and they were trailing behind.

"Mark, your Dad, my idiot of a brother should never have done this to their son. Especially their best son!" he chuckles. I already felt more connected to him than I ever did to my father. We eventually reached his car and he drove me through the streets of New York. He had an elegant jaguar which drove like a beast. We scooted into an underground car park and we both climbed out.

Reaching his apartment was not what I had expected. It was huge, elegant and on the top floor of this skyscraper. "Welcome home!" he lead me up a spiral stair case which opened up into a huge room. It was open plan, a bed, closet, desk, and a door to the ensuite.

"This is mine?!" I couldn't believe my eyes. He smiled and gave me confirmation. He began to explain the details that I had to help clean and cook and I could stay for free.

That was the first time I had seen my uncle since Christmas when I was sixteen. There was some large argument between my father and him and he got kicked out of the house. Ever since he has been living it up in New York. But it didn't take long for me to find out what happened between my father and him. Well what I assumed happened. I was in the laundry doing our washing.

I was sparring stains and throwing them into the washing machine. I finally finished my stack of clothes and starts on Frazers. After I got through about five shirts my eye caught his underwear. It was Andrew Christian. The gay-est underwear ever. Then below them was a tight kinky jockstrap and then below that was a pair of pajama boxers which were clearly soiled with some man juice. I placed them aside and finished the washing. I grabbed the boxers and snuck into my room, locking the door behind me. I stripped down fast and caught myself in the mirror. I had a good body. Perfect abs and pecs and nicely toned arms. I had short body hair from collar bone to feet. I laid down on my bed and spread my legs apart. By this point I was already hard as a rock.

My cock is large but not huge. A heafty seven point five inches. My right hand clasped around it as my left brought the soiled boxers to my face. I licked his cum and breathed it in making my body writher with pleasure. I jacked off hard my uncut cock began to tremble as I felt the orgasm reach me. My seed shot from the head, covering my body with wet warmth. That was one thing about me. My cumshots are some of record.

That was the first time that I had a sexual experience with Frazers things or him. But it was about a month and a half when we finally had the encounter that I was waiting for. He had taken a few holiday weeks off from his law firm to finally show me around the city. It was his last day of work and he came home in a huff.

"Fucking hell, the one time I bloody take time off, my fucking coworkers do jack shit" he yelled as he walked in. That was a general custom of ours. Yell our day’s problems as we enter the house. Helps get problems out of the way so we don't argue and fight. He sat on the fabric lounge just next to me. His suit flopping down on my leg. I smile.

"Shit day?" I chuckled. Of course it was shit.

"Indeed, indeed" he patted my knee gently. It confused my mind. I didn't know if it was a suggestion or merely a gesture. Then his eyes met mine and I saw his lustfulness and longing. But I couldn't just get right in.

"So Frazer, I need to tell you something" I start, but he beats me to it.

"I know. You have a crush on me, you stole my soiled boxers to jack off to and you wish we could fuck" my face probably looked absolutely stupid, probably bright red. I averted my gaze.

"Well you know what. I am gay. Ever since I was fourteen. I only came out on Christmas those years ago" I knew it "I know exactly how you feel" by this point Frazers hand was right near my man hood and it had already started to swell. He grabbed my hand and led me forward. We reached his room and he slammed the door closed and pushed me down onto the bed.

Slowly he lay down onto me and connected our lips. A buzz flew through me. My mind raced and my body trembled. He started to unbutton my shirt and I followed suit. He stood back up and his shit was now gone. Instead I saw the perfect male specimen. At forty-five he was perfect. His pecs were massive and his arms were like a mountain range. His abs cascaded down his hairy salt and pepper torso. I grinned like an idiot. Both standing their shirtless I reached for his pants and slid open the fly.

Then with one push his pants fell to the ground. He wore an Andrew Christian jockstrap and his cock hung heavily inside it. I slipped my hand under the waist band and pulled them down. His huge meat flopped out. Not yet fully erect it was already at least seven inches. I put my lips to the head of his cut penis. I had never sucked a cock but I had practiced on dildos before.

"Are you sure you want this Mark? I don't want to ruin this friendship of ours" I looked up to him, with his cock in my mouth and nodded. Then a wink. I went back to work on his meat. Sliding it in and out of my mouth with perfect pace. I pushed hard and forced his head down my throat. "Fuck! Mark, fucking hell!" he moaned and writhered as I hold his manhood deep within my throat. I let it slip out and lie down on my stomach widening my legs, beckoning his entrance. "Bro I don't have a condom"

"You don't have any STIs do you?" I ask and he shakes his head "then what are you waiting for?" he positions his lubricated cock near my hole and places a few drips of lube on my gaping hole. Then slowly he entered my body. Warmth and pleasure filled my body and I shook in ecstasy. Slowly he began to move in and out of my stretched hole. I moaned loudly biting down on the sheets below me. His body moved and I slowly felt his torso pressing down on me. His legs straddled mine and his head rested over my shoulder.

"I'm gonna fuck you like never before" as soon as the words entered my ears he began shoving his cock deep in me. He shot faster and faster until all I could hear was the slapping of skin against skin. "FUCK!!!" he yells in my ear as his meat plunges deep within me. I groan and shiver the pleasure riddling my body with lust. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum in you" he speeds up. He gets fast and I feel my own orgasm rising I scream in pleasure as my cock shoots cum onto the sheets between my body and the bed. He moans as my hole tightens around his meat. And finally with one push his hot liquid fills me. We fell next to each other on the bed kissing passionately until we eventually fell asleep. That was the night of my life.

Part 2

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