Needed Help

By Bob (Saskatoon, Canada)

On our first date we went to a movie, then for a coke and then to her home. As soon as we went in the door her mother asked if we would go to a nearby neighbors home to let her sister come home to finish her homework.

As soon as her sister was out the door we got comfy and cozy on the chesterfield and started necking. In a matter of minutes she had her hand down the back of my pants.

I, instinctively, knew what she wanted to do and told her to go ahead and quick as a flash she had her hand down the front of my pants, inside my shorts and her hand wrapped around my cock.

As soon as she felt it she remarked ''it's so big''. It didn't take her long to start jerking me off. I played with her tits but let her lead the way as I, more or less, relaxed and enjoyed it.

She finally brought me to a climax and just as well because it was only a minute or so after we cleaned up the mess from my cum that the children's parents came home.

From then on, whenever we were ending a date we would either have sex or she would jerk me off. On every one of these occasions she would remark, often three or four times, how big my cock was.

Three or four months after we had started dating we were laying on the bed in her bedroom and she was playing with my cock and I was caressing her pussy. Her sister and three of her friends were in the front room so we hadn't taken off any of our clothes.

As she, affectionately, squeezed my cock she asked me ''can I measure it''? I thought she either had a tape measure in her room or she meant sometime in the future so, being proud of my size I said go ahead.

She then yelled out to her sister in the front room ''Betty, bring me the tape measure'' and when her sister asked her what she wanted it for she hollered ''what I told you in bed this morning that I wanted to do''.

I then realized that this had been pre-arranged by the two of them. By then she had my pants and shorts part way down my legs. Her sister had seen my erect cock before so I was not surprised when she brought the tape in but was shocked when the other three girls followed her.

I was, by this time, laying there with a stiff cock pointing skyward. There were shouts of ''WOW'', OH MY GAWD, HOLY SHIT'' and a lot of giggling as the saw my cock and realized how big it was. It took them a minute or so to compose themselves as I am sure none of three had seen a cock as big.

My girlfriend, finally, took the end of the tape measure and, with the help of her sister, measured my cock along the top, the bottom , both sides and the circumference. The other three girls, by this time, had overcome some of the shock of seeing a huge cock and they insisted on measuring it as well as doing a little feeling and playing.

They, finally, agreed on just over nine inches. They then sat back on the edge of the bed admiring it, remarking about the size and taking it between their thumb and finger and giving it a gentle tug. This went on for about ten minutes and all this time my cock remained totally hard.

I, eventually said ''girls it has to go soft before before I can put it back in my pants''. My girlfriend then suggested ''let's jerk him off'' and they all immediately agreed. One of the girls recommended that they all take turns.

My girlfriend led off and stroked it for a couple of minutes and then each of the others took a turn. It was just as my girlfriend started to jerk it the second time that I unloaded the first squirt straight up in the air but, as my girlfriend had experienced my blasts before, she had quickly laid my cock on to my stomach.

Finally, after another three or four blasts I was completely drained and started to go limp. When the girls realized that the show was over they got up and went back to the front room. My girlfriend said to me after they had left "you sure gave them something to talk about the next time they get together."

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