My Friend’s Mother

By John (Colorado)

I went to fix a leaking pipe at the mother of a friend of mine's house. It was in the master bath off of her bedroom. They left a key for me to get in, no one was home. It was an easy fix and just took a short time.

I often fantasized about her she was a very attractive plump red headed woman in her late forties. She had lost her husband when she was in her mid thirties. I stated looking through some of the drawers in her room after I finished the repair.

I found her underwear drawer and the underwear was sexy, silky and smelled nice. I got excited just looking at them and thinking of her wearing them. But as I continued looking through her drawers in the bottom drawer I found an assortment of sex toys, vibrators and penis shaped dildos.

I took them out and thought of her using them and lay on her bed and undid my pants and started masturbating and planed on Cuming on one of the dildos thinking of her fire red pussy. I had not heard her come home and she entered the bedroom.

At first she gasps in shock at what she saw. Me masturbating with her toys and underwear around me. But to my surprise she asked why I was doing what I found. I told her I often fantasized about her and thought of her when masturbating.

She didn't say anything but started taking off her clothes while I watched and she revealed her red beauty. Then she came over to the bed and lay down next to me. She kissed me and reached down and caressed my penis. I came as soon as she touched me. She rubbed my cum over my penis and stomach and then looked at me and licked her fingers.

She said I like the way you tasted lay back and you can taste me. She straddled my face and lowered her hairy red pussy down on my face. I licked up and down her wet pussy as she rubbed it on my face. Then she started pushing the top of her pussy to my mouth and told me to suck it, there was a hard bump and I could tell she liked me licking and sucking her there.

She gasps and shook and the juice ran from her faster than I could lick and suck it. She said I am going to slide up a little and I want you to lick my ass. I would have done anything she wanted. She told me to lick it and then she said harder stick your tongue up in there and I did.

She shook again and then moved to lay beside me again and reached down to my penis. She said yours still hard I guess you liked all that. Then she moved down a started licking my dick. She took it in her mouth and started sucking and sliding up and down as she licked the tip with her tongue.

I told her I was going to "shoot" again and she said do it in her mouth she wanted it. I did and she swallowed all I gave her. She rolled over and lay on her stomach. I reached down and rubbed her white ass cheeks. I slid my finger up and down her crack and she asked did you like eating my ass. I told her I loved all we had done.

She said I want you to eat my ass again and raised her butt in the air. I moved behind her and started licking between her pussy and ass then moved to her ass hole ring with soft red hair and licked it. She said I want your tongue in me and I stuck my tongue in her ass. It wasn't unpleasant and it made her feel good.

I licked her ass and fingered her pussy as she fingered herself until she came again. She told me she thought I should leave but she thought there may be other leaks that need repair and there were many. We never had intercourse but I enjoyed several years of oral sex and mutual masturbation. I guess I'm an ass eater and have lost some women because of it but still love it today.

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