Mother In Law

By Mark (England)

It was a hot summer's day and I had just finished night shift. I was off that night so I decided that a few hours sleep would be enough so I would sleep that night.

When I woke and got myself sorted out I sat down and thought I'd watch the new porn DVD that I had got.

I sat flicking through the DVD and soon I was starting to get hard. As I was alone in the house I decided to have a good wank.

So I stripped off completely naked and started to play with myself.

Rubbing my body all over while watching the porn. My cock was now rigid and throbbing so I straddled the arm chair and started to hump it.

I was going great guns when the living room door opened and there stood the mother in law.

I stopped what I was doing and tried to cover my cock with my hands. She looked at me and said my tits are better than hers on the film.

I just said if you say so. I was still trying to hide my hard cock but having the mother in law watching me not helping at all.

She replied with well let's see it then so I removed my hands and there it was stood to attention rock hard.

I was completely naked and she smiled and said mmmmm nice cock. My hand seemed to take over and I started to play with myself again as I wanted to cum so bad.

She walked over to me and said look at these babies and with that her tits were out. She started to play with her nipples and I nearly shot my load.

I grappled her tits and caressed them before sucking on her nipples.

We were both enjoying it when she said I want you to cream all over my tits. Well I needed no telling twice so I grabbed my cock and wanked for England.

When I shot my load it was all over her tits and face. We both got cleaned up and she smiled and said until the next time.

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