By Kayla (Salem, Oregon, United States)

I like to masturbate with something really fuzzy, like a fuzzy pillow or a fuzzy blanket. It all started when i was 12. I would take a really fuzzy pillow or blanket or even stuffed animal and straddle it.

If it's a smaller stuffed animal, I'll usually lay on my back and tease myself by rubbing it up and down my outside pussy lips. But anyways, the biggest reason why I love masturbating with fuzzy things is because it tickles my clit, and it feels really good.

Also, I like to rub my clit up and down, while my cunt is filled with softness and my clit is just rubbing and rubbing until i reach orgasm. It feels really good!!!

Another favorite thing of mine is masturbating with another woman. Me and my friend Anna like to "hang out" a lot. She'll come over to my house when no one else is home, and we'll get naked.

She'll start licking and sucking on my clit, it feels sooooo good! But then she'll take one of her nipples and rub it directly over my clit until i cum. Then she'll stick her tongue into my pussy, and lick all over. Eventually she'll find my g spot, and she'll lick it constantly over and over again until i cum yet again. It feels wondrous! I hope we continue to do it.

Lesbo Bffs
By Zoe Oconner (Texas)

I remember that night like it was bff was spending the night and we were playing some truth or dare games i said dare ...she smirked. u sure? try me i said...

She bit her lip and said fuck me ...WHAT!!!!! my straight best friend of the same gender wanted me to fuck her !!!!!! i paused then nod my head. she grinned and pulled me to the ground and started humping me.

I was WET ...... really WET...she french kissed me, it felt warm and good...AUGHH....!!! I let out a moan without knowing she was eating me out ....mmmmmmmm it felt amzing... then it stopped what ????

She looked up and said I'm gonna finger you !!! NOOO i said. i was scared really scared i hated the idea of a finger going inside you ..... i mean it was probably painful !!!!!

Sorry bitch she said and tied me to the bed post with belt. Nooo stop i cried tears were coming down..... she French kissed me then started fingering me... it didn't hurt it felt amazing !!!!! ugh i said.

I felt weird sticky stuff pouring down on me ... looking down horrified i wondered if i wet myself... seeing my face my bff said relax its cum its stuff you give out when your wet ... oh .... my mom was coming !!!!!!

We quickly dressed fast as hell ... i sat on the cum puddle on my hard floor as my mom walked in, hey guys get some sleep ok my mom said ... we nodded quickly ... we french kissed each other to sleep ... and did it every sleepover.

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