I Lost My Virginity To My Uncle

By Regor (Utah)

My uncle used to always play around and one day I was at his house when I was about 18 when he came up behind me and put his hands in my front pockets and started feeling around.

I don't know why but it got my cock HARD. I had never been touched before but it felt good. I guess he like what he felt because he kept his hands there for quite a while.

Awhile later he asked if I would like to go to work with him and I said I guess it would be okay. He was house setting for a friend and he took me there.

Once inside, he started feeling me all over and hugging me. He then undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear down and started playing with my cock and it got rock hard then he started masturbating me until I ejaculated. I admit it felt very good.

During the summers he would invite me to go water skiing and while we were in the water, he would play with my cock and get it hard and masturbate me where no one could see us playing.

This went on for several years.

One time he came to my house and asked me if I would like to go for a ride to get some ice cream and I said yes.

When I got in his truck there was another guy already there and we drove around for awhile while he played with his cock and masturbated him while I watched and made him cum in front of me and that got me all exxxcited and made me get a hardon.

That was how I lost my virginity. And I guess that is why I like to play with men today. Don't get me wrong, I still like women so I guess you could say that I am bisexual to this day.

Sore Knee
Tim Johnson (Wisconsin)

I remember when i was 18 i fell off my bike cut my knee when i got home told my mom she said let me see so i pulled down my pants she held my knee and i got a huge boner looking down her blouse at her nice tittie.

She looked in my eyes and said do you like what you see i said yes she then lifted her blouse and said go ahead kiss my tittie so i did while she rubbed my cock i exploded in seconds.

She then said we will have to try something else she lead me to the bedroom took off all her clothes laid on the bed spread her legs showed me her clit and ask me to lick it i did she went nuts then i couldn't wait i slid my cock in her she moaned and i shot another load, today I'm 25 and still fucking her.

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