Helping Daughter-In-Law

by Joe (N.O. LA)

Married three times affords me the pleasure of many Step-Sons And Daughter-In-Laws. I am close to all of them including the last wife children and their spouses.

One day while Mary my wife was out shopping her Son Jim Wife called. She was crying and very upset. Is Mom home? Sorry she’s out shopping. What’s wrong I asked? Need to talk to her. You would not understand. Tell her to call me when she returns and that her inconsiderate Bastard of a son is driving me nuts.

Did he strike you? No! It not that, you would not understand. Bobby I have been married
3 times and am sure as a man I can understand. Been there done that Am sure made some of the same mistakes if not all of them. If mom going to be gone long time then come on over as I need to talk to someone.

Arriving at her place was told come on it door unlocked. Upon entering saw she was on Sofa still in her housecoat. Could not help but admire those nice legs. Sobbing she said Jim is an inconsiderate bastard only thinks of himself. What did he do I wanted to know? Well it kind of hard to tell another man and fact that you are older makes it harder.

You can tell me anything and it will stay between us as I consider you like a daughter. Fathers are supposed to be there for our children. Let me make us some tea and then while sipping you can fill me in.

Upon returning with tea sat down next to her on sofa and could not help but see night coat had slipped open enough to give me a good view of those young firm tits of hers. Could feel my cock stirring in my jeans. Lucky Jim I thought to have such young fine pieceof ass.

Bobby said well Jim lately has been quick on the trigger and leaves me unsatisfied. This morning was last straw after finishing he just leaves for work. Daughter I used to do the same thing with second wife. Want to hear how we solved it? Sure Dad I am game for anything that will fix this problem.

After we were married for a while I felt I did not have the prime to pump so to speak. Would just climb in the saddle and ride until finished. She started to bitch and complain that only I was getting satisfied. Prior to getting married, we used to orally take care of each other you know 69.

Was not doing that anymore and it just got tired then rolling over to sleep or leaving for work after. One morning after doing just that I decided to go down on her and to her get off with my tongue. Doing that sure solved the problem and much more.

Bobby say Dad you had all your stuff inside her. How could you do that? Daughter it turned us both on so much that after the first time we could not repeat doing it enough.

Jim and I will never do that as we both do not believe in oral sex.

Honey let me tell you if Jim and you get a taste of it, both of you will never get enough of it. Believe me even at my age I never do.

Her night coat had slipped opened a little more showing her pussy lips and Jim cum running from it down her legs. Seeing this made my cock stand to attention. Doing so I had to adjust it in my pants.

You enjoy talking about it I see or is this what you are looking at? Sorry but I am human and could not help but notice. Jim sure left quite a lot of his juices in you. If you were Mine I would not hesitate to take care of such a fine thing like you.

Placing my hand on her wet dripping Pussy I kissed her Hard. Not resisting my advances proceeded to rub her clit. Melting in my Arms we slid down to the living room floor. Now her Night shirt was wide open and I wasted no time in diving down between her legs to get at that puffy pink cum filled Pussy.

Sucking that Clit between my lips and sucking all the hot cum I could get. At first she resisted by saying NO! NO! This is wrong! But as I continued my attack on her cum filled Pussy her words changed. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! IT feels SO good, Do Not Stop. Shit! Suck My Pussy SUCK IT! Get all of Jims Cum Get it All. Love It! Love it! I lapped, sucked and ate that cum filled pussy for 25 minutes and no more cum could be found.

Removing my face from between her legs she said Dad that was so good. Did not believe you but you sure changed my mind. Jim will never do that I know that for sure. This should have never happened. Mother-In-Law will never forgive me. I said this must remain our secret because it will hurt all involved and can ruin both of our marriages. Dad you are right it will be our little secret. I must get home now but if you ever want a repeat performance let me know. Would love to get some more of Jim Cum.

Part 2

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