Helping Daughter-In-Law Part 2

by Joe (N.O. LA)

Few weeks went by and I figured what happened was a onetime thing and was never to be repeated. Boy was I wrong, picking up the phone one morning Bobby says Dad if you can come over right now I have a double load of Jim cum for you. Hurry up as he just left for work. I wasted no time to get over to their house.

After knocking she said Door unlocked come on it. I entered to see her laying on the floor with legs wide open Pussy lips stretched open to see lots of Jims cum running out. Hurry up and Get down here and Suck it all out like you did last time. Placing my head between those legs I sucked like a Pig at the slop bin.

Jesus Christ she was not kidding there was cum a plenty in her pussy to be sucked up and swallowed. Was doing so for about 5 minutes with her going nuts screaming I cumming, I cumming, OH GOD, OH GOD, SOO GOOD, SOO GOOD, do not stop keep Sucking I cumming.

Heard Jim voice Say Holy Shit! Looking up to see him stroking a very Big Hard Cock. Honey you were not lying he loves to suck my cum from your Pussy. Do not stop Dad because after you are done we will see if you can handle this as good. You will get some more right from the source.

Bobby Pulled my head back down so I could continue to suck some more. While I was doing that he kept stroking that hard Cock and saying lap it Up old man. Get my cum from her pussy. God! Does he love it or not? Watching him and knowing he is Sucking My Load from your pussy is so Fucking Hot.

Still stroking his big piece of meat he says I am close to Cumming. You get up here and suck down this hot load. Pulling up my head from her very wet pussy he placed the throbbing head between my lips. While I was trying to keep it in my mouth he was saying Jesus Christ! He must have done this before. Honey look at how good he sucks my Cock.

OH! OH! Here it comes spurt after spurt of Hot Sweet Juicy cum is deposited into my mouth to be swallowed down. Unless you want Mom to know about this you will suck both of us any time we want. What could I do Mary could not find out and I sure wanted some more of that cum from her Pussy and/or his Cock.

Keep on sucking old Man get it hard again so I can put another Load in Bobby Pussy for you to suck out. Honey get ready to enjoy Dad tongue some more. I sucked his slowly growing Cock back to full length.

Before he could crawl between her legs to deposit some more for me to enjoy I said, Jim, Bobby Let’s try something a little different. Think we all three will enjoy it. Bobby get on all fours for me to slide under and suck your Pussy while Jim Fucks you Full of cum. This way the three of us can get off at the same time.

I can lick his Nuts and shaft of his Cock while it is sliding in and out. Also can suck your clit at the same time. When he shots his load I can suck it clean and then suck his hot sweet cum from your Pussy. What do you think? They both said that sounds Hot! Let’s try it. OK but I will not suck your cock said Bobby.

Once in position started sucking her clit while Jim rubbed his Cock head around her pussy lips. After he slid it into her I took a swipe at his balls with my tongue. He said Christ that feels good. Then while he was on the back stroke I licked the bottom of his hard shaft producing a big groan from his lips. Shit your tongue feels really good while her pussy is wrapped around my cock.

She said Fuck! Your cock in my Pussy and his Tongue Feel like Heaven. This was a Great Idea. Both of You Guys Keep on Sucking and Fucking. The fact she had both of us servicing her must have been too hot because the next thing I know a pair of warm wet lips were wrapped around my Cock and going up and down. Holy Shit! Bobby was Sucking My Cock and Going to town on it like it was her Last meal.

Not complaining I Licked and Suck fast and harder on her Pussy and His Cock. She just started doing the same thing. I was the first to cum and she swallowed it all sucking my Cock dry and kept sucking even when it started going soft. She then started shaking letting me know she was Cumming. About that time Jim started saying OH! Fuck! Here it CUMS and he dumped a fresh Hot Load of cum in her Pussy. He then let his semi-Hard Cock slide out for me to clean. With full enjoyment and no hesitation I did so. Then proceeded to get quite a lot more of his cum by sucking it from her Pussy.

We all laid out on the floor drained. It was So Hot with both Jim Cock and Your Tongue in my Pussy at the same Time. With that Hard Cock in my face could not resist putting it in my mouth. I enjoyed and loved it am willing to Suck Dads or Your anytime either of you want. Jim replied will be happy to take you up on that offer. I added me too but only if I can still SUCK BOTH OF YOU SOME TIME.

This is a Win Win for all of us and the beginning of a long and happy threesome. Perhaps in time Bobby and I can get Jim to Suck her Pussy and maybe even my Cock or Cock load from her pussy. Only time will tell.

As in the past it did not take long for new things to occur.

Every now and then the three of us would get together and repeat the 3 on 1 incident. On one occasion while I was Sucking Jim Big Dick Bobby decided to join me. Jim seems to enjoy it a little more than the one on one. Bobby and I were really getting down to Sucking his Cock. Me up on one side of his shaft her up on the other side. Her taking the head in her mouth and sucking it for a while as I licked his balls.

Then she would give it to me to suck down while she licked down his shaft to suck his balls. Jim was having the time of his life. God Damn! Both of you two Cock Suckers keep on sucking. Two pair of lips and two mouths are way better than one. Shit I will be getting both of you to suck my Cock some more in the Future. HOLY SHIT here I CUMMM!!

I was getting to swallow most of his hot load but then she pulled me off of that Big Throbbing Cock to Force it down her mouth to get the remainder of it. Jim was just elated and saying that was the far best Fucking Blow Job I ever had!!!!

Thank You Honey! She kissed him full on the Lips. They kissed for what seemed to be a long time. After they parted she says Well Jim! How did you like your OWN CUMMMM?

What! He replied you swallow all of it, didn't you? Smiling she said Fuck NO! You got what’s shot into my mouth. Sure did not Kill you did it?

Knowing that you should not have any problem sucking your own cum out of my Pussy in the future. You will be doing just that unless you will rather Suck Dad Cock instead.

Please Jim I said chose sucking my Cock instead because I believe you would be a natural Cock Sucker just like me.

Bobby got her Wish well kind of. Both of us had our Cocks Sucked by Bobby until both were Hard. Then we got into the 69 with Jim Fucking his wife. Dad has never fucked me Why not let him get some while I Suck you off honey. We changed positions and I was grinding away and loving it. Jim Honey Lets switch now so you can cum in me and then eat your Hot Load from my Pussy while I finish Sucking Dads load down my throat.

He took my place but not before I shot a hot big Wad of my cum inside that pussy. While she was Sucking My Cock like Crazy to keep it hard she winked at me and said dad give me your cum to swallow.

Jim Fucked her for a good 15 minutes before adding his load to mine. His wife then said Your choice Honey Suck my Pussy or Dads Cock as he is ready to cum. He looked at me and Jumped between her legs and started lapping and Sucking for all he was worth. Guessed he did not want to suck my Cock. Little did he know. When he finished eating all of the load from Bobby Pussy he looked at me and said This was lots better than your Cock load would have been. I can learn to love doing this it was Hot and tasted so Damn Good.

Well said his wife if that is so you will not mind Sucking Dads Cock because you just sucked some of his Cum from my pussy. I felt him Cumming in me. Did it on purpose. Will be hot to see you Suck him off and swallow his load. Even Wilder when both of us Suck him dry.

Looking surprised and confused said Shit! Never would I have figured it would taste so Good be so Hot and that I would Like it so much. Honey let’s see if we can get Dads Cock up and if we can Share his cum if he has any left. With both of you Sucking this Cock I will do my best to give both of you whatever I have in these old ball.

What a turn of events this was. Me Sucking Jim cum from his wife Pussy. Me Sucking Jims Cock. Then her Sucking both Jim and my Cock. Me Fucking Her Pussy. Jim Sucking both of our cum from her well Fucked Pussy. Both of them Sucking My Cock for the rewards of CUM.

Life cannot get any better.

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