A Mind Blowing Experience

By William (Adelaide, Australia)

When I was a young boy I used to masturbate in my bedroom but on many occasions my Mum would burst in and catch me doing it, I remember one time that I was just about to shoot a load when the door opened and here I am with spunk squirting everywhere and Mum standing there with a surprised look on her face.

Well time went on and I got married then moved interstate about once a year I used to fly over to visit Mum and spend about a week with her, my Dad had died several years before and I was very close to my Mum.

When I got to my late 40s I visited my Mum and we used to go for drives to the beach and walks through the forest so overall we were having a great Mum and Son experience, one afternoon I thought Mum was having a sleep so I stripped off layed on the bed and started stroking my rather fat 7 inch cock.

While I was having fun I heard Mum having a shower so I thought it was safe to continue playing with my cock, suddenly the bedroom door opened and Mum was standing there in a dressing gown and here am I naked on the bed with a massive erection.

I think Mum must have heard the slapping noise as my hand rubbed up and down on my cock, she came into the room and sat on the bed beside me and asked would you like me to help you cum, well I was as randy as a bull and the thought of my Mother rubbing my cock nearly blew my mind so of course I said yes.

With that she gently squeezed it and forced some love juice out of my cock that she rubbed all over the top of my cock, she told me I had a nice cock and that it was clean shaven that it was something special, with that she opened her dressing gown and showed off her lovely slim body.

She then chuckled and mentioned that we pretty much looked the same as at her age the hair on her pussy had almost vanished, I asked if I could touch it and she said OK if it will help you enjoy your masturbation you can play with it.

I then put a couple of fingers into her pussy which was beautifully wet, rubbed her clit and generally had a great time playing with my Mums sexy pussy, while I did that she stroked my shaft that was as hard as a rock.

Mum then removed her dressing gown and climbed over the top of my body then holding my cock rubbed it along her cream soaked pussy hole, this went on for a couple of minutes then she teased me by putting the first inch or two inside her it was as though she was trying to make her mind up and go the whole way.

No sooner had that thought passed my mind and she lowered herself onto my raging cock and I nearly blew my mind as my cock vanished inside her pussy, we tried different positions but I could hardly contain myself as my cock exploded into the biggest orgasm of my life.

It felt as though my balls had exploded with Mum riding my cock and stream after stream of hot cum shot inside her, I know she had an orgasm while my cock was in her but I wanted to please her so I asked her to lay on the bed with her legs open so I could clean her pussy with my tongue.

It was beautiful tasting a mix of my own cum and my Mums juices, as I licked her clit she held me at the side of her hand and pushed her pussy into my face then gave a beautiful groan that went weak and enjoyed a massive orgasm.

Even though I have been with other women nothing could have beat the experience I had making love to my Mother, maybe it’s because it’s wrong that makes it exciting, the only other time I had an experience like that was when I was 16 and got my first head job from a friend at work.

I nearly blew my mind when I shot my cum into her mouth, well back to Mum every time I visit her I sleep with her in her bed, many times we have great sex but some time I just put my cock into her pussy from behind and go to sleep with it inside her, it’s all wrong yes but it’s the best sex I ever had.

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