A Great Discovery

By Anonymous

"Alice. Are you busy?"

"No Fran, why."

"Can you come over, I have something for you to see?"

"Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes." They both hung up the phone.

Fran put on a light jacket and waited on the front porch. Alice was coming up the sidewalk.

"Stop. Follow me." Alice followed along behind. They headed for the alley.

"We're going down three blocks towards the river."

There is a shed backed up to the alley near the end. The sun was gone and there was a faint light shining through a crack in the boards.

Fran whispered, "Be really quiet. Look through the crack and I'll look in this one. Both girls looked.

Pete Hyland was sitting on a cot and playing with his cock. There was a candle flickering on a little table. He began to stroke it. It was huge. About 8 inches and as big as Fran's wrist around.

The girls watched him stroking. Each felt warm in their crouch. They both rubbed themselves almost at the same time. Pete was stroking faster. So were they.

Suddenly they heard him moan and white stuff leaped out of his cock in long strings. The two girls kept fingering themselves. Alice wasn't sure she could keep from moaning. Both girls finished at once.

Pete came to the shed every Thursday as soon as it got dark. He lived up in the next block and old man Elson never used this shed anymore.

After about two months, Alice asked Fran , "All we do is watch and rub ourselves. Why don't we wait and just before he cums, let's slip inside and see if we can jerk him off or maybe screw him."

"OK. I'm game. Next Thursday we'll meet in the alley down there."

Right on time Pete, showed up, looked around, and slipped inside. He pulled his pants and shorts down and sat on the cot. He got it hard and started jerking off.

The girls knew by now just how long it took Pete to be about half way. They timed it and burst through the shed door. Pete never had a chance, Alice grabbed his cock away from him and started jerking it fast.

Fran dropped her skirt and panties and started fingering herself in front of him. Pete suddenly relaxed and lay back-Alice was slowly stroking his big cock. He was watching Fran fingering herself.

He was already hard but was getting rock hard. Alice pulled her panties off and turned and faced Pete. She spread her legs and sat on his lap (or rather on his cock). She moved up and down. Pete soon cum and so did Alice.

She jumped off and Fran took her place. Pete managed to keep it hard. Youth has its ways. Every Thursday just as the sun was going down, the three would meet in old man Elson's shed.

He never came outside. Pete discovered that if he doubled a rubber-band and put it around the base of his big cock, he could keep it hard for over an hour. A great discovery.

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