A Foot Job

By Ned (Maine)

About 17 or 18 years ago my friends and I were all about enjoying our first summer after graduation and were all 18 & 19 years old. We often had this one house that was our friend Robyn’s parents’ house for parties on a Friday or Saturday night as her parents often went out.

One weekend my friend Frankie and I went to Robyn’s house because she had told us her parents were gone for the evening. Most of our other friends had already gone to another party and didn’t get the word about Robyn’s house so it was just Frankie and Robyn and myself there.

Frankie had managed to come up with a case of beer and brought it along in two back packs. Robyn, Frankie and myself were watching some TV show and drinking beer while we lounged around on the living room carpet.

After a while, and after several beers each I heard Robyn giggling and turned around. Robyn said “Look Ned, I’m giving Frankie a foot job. (None of us had ever been sexually involved before and this was completely new to all of us.) I looked and sure enough Robyn’s foot was pressed against Frankie’s crotch and rubbing back and forth.

I was a little shocked but still interested. As I watched, Frankie began to writhe a little on the carpet as he was obviously enjoying his little massage.

I was so engrossed in watching that I didn’t notice Robyn shift her position on the carpet so she was closer to me and suddenly I felt her other foot in my own crotch as she started to “massage” me as well.

Frankie was starting to moan and thrust his hips into the massaging foot and was obviously very aroused under his jeans and Robyn noticed and began focusing on my massage a little more. She was trying to make us both writhe and moan and seemed to be really enjoying it herself as indicated by the grin on her face.

I looked at Frankie and his eyes were closed and he was moaning and writhing harder now. Then I looked at Robyn and she was massaging her own crotch with her hand as she continued on our crotches with both her feet.

Robyn stopped rubbing Frankie for a minute and then stopped rubbing me and kept rubbing herself while we both watched. She started to moan and writhe and then started massaging both of us again.

Within a minute of her starting back on us all three of us were coming in our pants. We lay there for a while just basking in the pleasure and then suddenly Robyn asks “anyone want another beer?”

We all laughed and never spoke of it again. The three of us went separate ways as we grew older and I had forgotten all about this incident until I heard someone mention the phrase foot job in relation to getting a pedicure. I had to choke back a grin as the memory flooded back to me.

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